Cmon Girls!

Seriously, I've read so many stories about "Should I ask if he likes me?" or "Why hasn't he called me?" or "why does he treat me like crap" - Cmon.. seriously.. if a guy likes you, he'll show he likes you and you won't need to ask him if he does. That's childish. If he likes you, he'll do nice things for you, call you or text you throughout the day, take you out for dinner, compliment you, want to spend time with you and not try getting in your pants until YOU make the move (when you're ready). If a guy hasn't called you, then maybe he's not interested in you? Maybe you were too available and always there when he called or wanted to hangout, you need to keep guys on their toes! Turn down the dinner date (even if you have no plans), tell him "I'll let you know", don't answer his calls on the first ring, don't answer his text messages within a minute of receiving them. If you get a missed call from him, call him back a few hours later- Play hard to get, show him you're not making him the center of your attention and you're a busy girl. That way, he will feel privileged to take you out or hangout with you. If a guy treats you like crap then why the heck are you with them? Walk away! I cannot stand girls who say "but its hard, I cant" - how is it hard? why cant you? Do you want to be treated like crap? Do you like feeling sad? Ha probably not. Anyone can do anything. Walk away and focus on making yourself happy and being INDEPENDENT instead of being CODEPENDENT on someone who obviously doesn't  care that much about you by the way he treats you. I think it's SAD when a female is sooooo co-dependent on a guy who treats them like ****. They obviously don't love themselves enough to know they deserve to be happy. So sad..

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I partly agree with your story, but I find it contradictory. You're asking women to be as cynical as men can be. There's no happiness in constant lying and manipulation.<br />
Also it depends on your living circumstances, sometimes you need support.<br />
Personally I would insist on the danger of becoming more an addict than a happy lover.In addiction, you're alone with your suffering, the other is mainly a symbol, something you must get at any price.<br />
But everyone, males and females should try to be respectful.

LonelyYiska ur amazing lol.<br />
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and patchwork- no, it's not wrong to let a guy know you like them. I didn't say that. BUT if you come off too available too soon the guy will get over it. And it's not playing games and ignoring them, it's called giving them a chase. I'm the wrong girl to question like you did, because I am the one person who KNOWS what guys are thinking, what they really mean by what they say- nothing gets passed me. This is why people PAY me for help with a situation. And want to know something? Every peice of advice I've given someone, it's worked. Like a charm. <br />
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And are you an idiot?? If a man is abusing you yea the man is responsible for his actions, OBVIOUSLY- but it's the womens fault for staying with him. I don't feel bad for someone who has gotten abused once but still stayed and then got abused over and over again. I've had a friend who I warned, she didn't listen and everything went downhill with their relationship. <br />
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I'm very smart when it comes to guys AND girls.

It's always easy to blame the girl. So, it's wrong to let a guy know you like him or answer his calls or texts? Why? If you like someone, why can't you let them know? I would rather have someone who responds to me then play games and ignore me.<br />
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Also, if a man is abusing you, he ALONE is responsible for his actions. How is it that the woman always takes the blame?