My dumb sister always getting into trouble... Just keep your eyes and actions to yourself so i don't have to bail you out...

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okie dokie :D

if you really believe that send me a pm and i will show you something.

wow, well i wish i had better friend experience but ive had terrible ones that where very bad. so i dont know... hmm you sound like you got lucky with friends...

That is true with all people and not just friends. Friends are people who you care for and enjoy being around. When you have a friend like that you can do anything with them, even work and enjoy yourself.

I THINK i get it, with certain people you show certain sides of yourself with different things, is that what you mean?

I like to do a lot of things. It isn't what i am doing, but who i am around when i am doing it. That is why having friends is good.

oops wrong thread... oh well :D

:( cats must not like me today :(<br />
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by the way i didnt hear you go "put em' up put em' up" (cowardly lion impression)

Hmm? im not so sure? Now that you are curious i think i might be a little mysterious!

lol what way is that?? now im curious =D

You didn't offend me, i am just saying weed isn't as innocent as some people think it is. Ive had doctors tell me it was worse then smoking health wise, and i have had some say it wasn't. Just gotta believe what you want to. <br />
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As for me i have my own fun my own way.

thats good, dont do anything you dont want to. i know its an addictive quailty. thats the only side affect i know that could damage someone and they have to be strong enough. i have my own addictions as well and i think i control them very well too. <br />
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but yes, to each there own. sorry if i offended you.

I already said to each their own, but i already know the facts on it. You can get facts on anything. You can find people who say the holocaust never happened..<br />
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I know people who smoke pot, and i seen them waste their life away because of the effects it has on them, but like i said to each their own. If that is what someone likes to do then that is fine. All i am saying is i don't do it.

yeah i know you cant EAT IT and i know that just SMOKE is bad but i do know that pot is safer than the side affects of cigarettes and thats why i want to quit smoking them. pots safe, doesnt have any toxins like rat poison and the other ****. i can google the facts about pot if you want. i dont care either way though how you feel about it. i dont even seem like the type to smoke but i want to try it. not cuz everyone else has, i just do.

If it is natural put it in a salad and eat it. Weed isn't 100% good. I seen the affects it has had on people.

LOL my grandma has cancer and she smokes it and my mother is in that field and she smokes it and they DO have weed tablets as well as spress and patches that doctors give. its completely natural. thats why in some places its legal.

I don't know what your friends are telling you about the drug but i would go ask the doctor first. I have known many doctors as friends and have talked to them about it. Nothing you put in your body through smoking is good for you. <br />
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I don't know but maybe he just likes you.

well a few weeks ago he was making out with one of the other workers but he has been having drama in his life and opened up to me that him and her couldnt work cuz they bother arent ready for a relationship (past's ex drama) so i dont know why he would end it with her cuz he couldnt be in a relationship with her, why would he be ok with one with me? nah, i mean it would be easier probably cuz i dont have that kind of drama, ex husbands and stuff. oh and did i mention hes OLDER? at least 28 but maybe not even that.<br />
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lmao if my friends where here to see that you called it a DRUG they would try to help you understand its NOT a drug. yah yah ive known allot of people who smoked it and i have been explained WHY they make it illegal. you can even research it. it has something to do with the goverment and tax dollars and all that ****. i dont know much about it but i do know the most emportant, that its not dangerous. you cant od and now one has ever died from it, you can drive will it in your system also. its really got more to do with politics or whatever.

There are hardly any guys in this world who want to just be friends. <br />
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To each their own i say. I am just not a drugy.

i dont think the guy is interested in anything more than friends and the girl is cool. always nice. ive never done pot before but i know ep friends that do and they hope i at least experience it once IF I WANT TO and i do. it would help me with sleep.

Well that is a start. Found a guy who is interested in you, and a girl wants to smoke pot with you.. Im not into pot but whatever works.

ha ha i dont try anymore, i dont see the point BUT just yesterday this guy asked if there was anything good to do in this town (in the town where i work) and then ended up saying he needed a friend and wanted us to be and wanted to hang out with me. that same day this chick i work with said i can come over sometime and smoke pot for the first time lmao it was an eventful day. i even gave my number to that guy without him having to ask... i BLUSHED. ha ha ha ha it was out of character for me.

How many people have you tried to be friends with recently?

no one understands me, thats the reason. no one understands and in that, doesnt really want my friendship but to dump all their problems on me but if i needed them they would tell me IM selfish. yeah right, i dont plan to dump my **** on anyone. i just dont like being everyones therapist.

and what is that reason?

lmao what great wisdom you have Arorin the great one. lmao <br />
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yah i know i need to make some but there a reason i DONT have them :P

Well make you some friends.

i dont have friends. not real ones.

Having family can mean finding a friend and sort of joining their family... Just finding people you like and being around them, It doesnt mean you have to have kids. <br />
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Just forget this family and move on. That seems like the best option

i think me having kids is that LAST thing i want to do :P ha ha making more of ME? nah, theres a reason people dont like me or dont know me. i am tooo complicated for some. like ive said before, i dont share **** with my family. it gives them nothing to gossip about and in that... guh they whisper about the idea of me being GAY. i dont talk anything with them and so im the out cast. i think it would be hilarious if i did say i was just to get them to shut the **** up. ive gotten in an argument with that same brother who kept hinting that i was gay. i dont have a problem with gays, im just NOT gay and i refuse to let my family in my life cuz they never gave a **** to begin with. they turn their cheeks when i was little, missed a hell of allot and in return i am told i was depressed grown up cuz i must be GAY. blah blah blah, they can suck it.

Forget your family and make a new one if that is how it is?

I had to become a man before i could really be a boy too. He doesn't have any right to tell you how you should be. I understand all of that.

BUT, i wouldnt be as responcible as i am now if i didnt grow up the way i had, and if i didnt experience the things i did. <br />
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just ****** me off thought that i got the short end of the stick. im the one living alone and my parents are basically paying me to not live with them.

hes grown up allot, trying to talk to me like hes supieror, said if i was interested in drugs or drinking to come to him, that thats all behind him since hes a dad and has grown up allot. in my own opinion, just cuz having a kid, does NOT mean you change completely. yah he had big responibilaties. it just sucks that i had to grow up fast, i was an adult before i was a child. he didnt have to till he got some chick prego and married her. sorry, im bitter cuz my mom thought this was all ok. he got the free life, i didnt.

Yeah sounds like he is just young and irresponsible. That is a common trait among young people.

aah im glad i dont have sisters and its odd, im the responcible one while one brother... well we dont mention what hes done... and the other is barely an adult and has a family of his own and before he was a father he threw parties at my parents when i, was in chicago and my parents where off in some other state as well. ha parents came home early :P im glad i wasnt there or i would have kicked his asss he had my niece and nephew there while people where more than just having "fun".

Maybe i don't hardly ever step in? She gets in trouble all the time i see her maybe 1-2 times a month. I don't rule over her life, but im not going to let her get hurt when she is around me.

Maybe it's time you let her be and not intervene so that she can learn how to deal with her own issues instead of big brother stepping in all the time.

She is 17 and is full of attitude right now. Probably just a trait for being young, but women have different attitude problems then men too. None of it is very good, but hers is gonna get me into trouble.

Seems like she does a series of things, and you come to the rescue, is it her thought process as a female that irritates you?