people think that im depressed all the time because i want to be alone. i have a few friends, but even there time is limited in my life. other than those few people, and my family, i stick to myself. my parents and grandparents think its rude, but i just don't enjoy peoples company. i like being alone. i spend enough time with my cat, Sphinx. shes pretty much all i can tolerate, and that's enough for me. i care about my space and whose in it. me.
MammaGoth MammaGoth
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1 Response Jun 26, 2012

That's perfectly okay. Some people crave attention and being apart of the crowd. Others prefer to hang back and do their own thing. I don't like small talk myself, it's pretty awkward. Spending a lot of time alone can be a symptom of depression but doesn't mean all "loners" are depressed.