Please Don't Make Me Sit With the Women

Not too long ago I went to a poker game with my BF.  It was at his uncle's and aunt's house.  All the guys brought their wives or girlfriends.  I was mortified at the thought of having to sit in the den with the women talking about what cabinet knobs to put in the new kitchen or how well that new detergent gets out ink stains - ARGH.  "Please don't make me sit with the women", was my fervent plea.

Thankfully, I was welcome at the 'grown ups' table with the big boys smoking their cigars and drinking whiskey all for the small price of a little waitressing, a low cut blouse and hot mini skirt.

I'm always more at home with the guys, but did have a twinge of guilt for being anti-social to the older ladies in the other room.  Though I am proud I made it in there a few times to compliment their casseroles and goo goo over their puppy dog outfits.....  Somehow I struck the right balance that night.



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6 Responses Feb 25, 2009

Ooh Ooh - we could have a chick poker game with hot guys taking care of Our every whim. <br />
<br />
I like the concept and would GLADLY hang with the Cool EP chicks.<br />
<br />
No boring puppy dog clothes talk for us.<br />
<br />
Why, yes, we will have lots of time to discuss the pros and cons of Granny Panties and Whitie Tighties during our hen party.<br />
<br />
~ Poor me another shot of Tequila and rub my shoulders Speechless darling ~

Now THAT I'd ante up to see, DC! :D

I'll take Five STUDS holding the cards and servicing us women... <br />
<br />
and the only dogs in clothes will be sitting at the table playing with us (remember the velvet paintings from the 70's?)

Oh know, I bought one of those while in the Army in Germany. I think I paid $40 and huing it up proudly in my room for the duration. It isn't a classic ? Ugh... :)

TOTAL CLASSIC! I wish I had one for my Chick Cave right now!!

Five Card Stud, who's in?<br />
And if anyone shows up with their dog in clothes, they will be bounced out the door.

Somehow I think my cool EP Chick friends would make for a great poker party... no boring conversations for us.... <br />
<br />
have to know your audience... <br />
<br />
~ now Speachless - pour us gals another Long Island ~

damn skippy! you will find me taking shot for shot. i cant play poker to save my life but deal me in... you will get a good laugh if nothing else lol!