and I don´t know why

There are days when I just want to be left alone, I dont want to talk, hug, cuddle, touch or be touched. I am just not in that mood. It doesn´t happen everyday and I have no idea why it happens when it does, but it happens . Particularly in the mornings and that is when most of these interactions have to take place in order to get the day going. I sometimes pretend I´m Ok with that , other days I just can´t hide it and it makes me feel miserable because I dont want to be hurtful yet I can´t stand too much togethernes, either.            *sigh*

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4 Responses Feb 25, 2009

Entiendo perfectamente.
Me gusta tu 'quote' en tu profile.
Saludos de NYC.

I think if we learn to accept this about ourselves, knowing that this is something we are needing at the moment (to recharge, or just center ourselves, or perhaps something else).. we all need some alone time, some of us more than others, and this doesn't have to, or shouldn't be, seen as 'unacceptable'.. if we explain this need to important others in our lives who will be affected by this, we can more easily meet our needs without causing hurt or misunderstanding. I think sometimes we deal with our own hurt and confused feelings by withdrawing and going within.. but this can serve a purpose, by allowing us to examine our feelings and then hopefully deal with them.. we all have our own patterns of dealing with life stressors. Progress happens when we perhaps learn to expand our repertoire of responses...

You are not the only one.

I am with you on this. Especially in the mornings or when I am tired. And then I complain about being alone. LOL And I am getting worse and worse it seems.