My family always bug me that I'm on my phone too much. I always think how funny they never ask I am on my phone all the time. I don't like people and what they say & I don't like attention.
I'm on my phone because I just want to block the world because I get so mad. Trust me I think they rather have me on my phone than exploding. One day someone in my family figured out why I'm on my phone a lot. She said "V, if you don't talk and socialize you'll be a sad person." I looked at her with anger and replied "I'm always sad. I've been sad since I was 9, so don't tell me what to do and what I'll be. Either way if talk I always get picked on or yelled at so yeah." And I went back on my phone and tweeted "It hurts that if I speak or not I'll be sad."
Everyone thinks I'm always on my phone when really as they look away or aren't there... I'm not on my phone.
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Sometimes past experiences can make you not want to interact with ppl. I am the same way. Or sometimes I look grouchy. Lol ppl think I'm always mad.

There are people dying of Ebola right now. They never had the privilege of their parents buying them an awesome smart phone so they could ***** to the world on social media. They starve in sweltering heat trying not to be shot by terrorists, then they get Ebola and die.
You should get over it, you have it pretty good.

This kind of thinking lacks empathy towards the person you are addressing it to. It is easy to criticize a child but it is hard to show her the truth and make her understand it. What you told is true and i agree but the way you said it should have been avoided, i am sure that that is not going to help her.

Thank you man.

That's sad very sad. This is ******* America you don't think **** is ****** up here too. I don't even text my phone doesn't have service I'm on wifi. They can take my ******* phone away and I'll grab a note book and they still *****. I've been through bad stuff yeah same with everyone in the world we all have our ****** times or life. I'm not complaining just letting out for those teens who could relate. You don't think I'm greatful I have a roof over my head and food to eat think before comment you don't know what I'm going through.