I had company over just now, and I kind of kicked them out. Their company was starting to drain me, and I needed to be alone, recharge, and gather my thoughts.
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i used to do that in my college.but i would make sure to do it in such a way that they dont feel hurt or insulted.i had a roommate for a year but then i switched to being alone.i felt more comfotable being alone by myself.he hated that because we were good friends and buddies.i would visit him every week and hangout

I had a really anti social friend in high school, he would kick me out of his house and then call me the next day crying and saying sorry.

I do feel bad at times, but I feel like my sanity is more important. Haha

understandable sista

seems fair enough

nothing wrong with that need time alone

That's okay. If they are good friends they will be understanding and if they aren't good friends they will be easy to replace.