Cell phone rings. I look down. Why do I just stare at your good efforts trying to contact me?
Knock on the door, I lean against the wall, cat bugler like, and slide to the next room. Why do I not open the door to greet you?
Social media is bleeding out "Hi" and "where are you?"
then a message on my messenger comes in....
"Are you still alive?" Yet the funny thing is I have no answer or a want to answer you back.
Am I a jerk-face? Some may say yes. And I am sorry to be a jerk face. This is why I do not have a landline either though. My answering machine would get so full. Now my voicemail on my cell is full.
****, what is wrong with me?
Yes, I want your company. I seek it. I ask for it.
But then there are times like these...
I just want to run to a forest and get lost in it...
So just hide me until I want to be seen, okay?
wastedglory wastedglory
31-35, F
1 Response Aug 17, 2014

Hahahhaa, I hope me replying does not add up. I feel exactly the same. I think it's a teenage phase thing.

Lol! I wish it were...I'm 34 and do this! I'm like ..."um.. yeah,...I'm not gonna answer that..." Please leave a message that I'm not gonna listen to
either. 😕

I do better if I get a warning that someone is stopping by or a text asking if I'm available to talk. 😉