I make plans to go out but halfway through the night I make an excuse so I can go home and lay in bed.
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yesss, I work from home so this has gotten way worse for me. my one friend lives 10 minutes away and I still haven't seen her in a month!..crap or 2.

but i've been having money and life issues, so it seems when I'm trying to get myself together, I get very anti-social.

are u working on urself during this alone time?

Yea. I work out and organize and study but it is all by myself. I even asked to be home schooled.

Are they gonna grant you your wish to be home schooled? I mean, your almost done with high school now though right? I guess you don't plan to go to prom and stuff do you?

They wont home school me I have two years left of high school but yea i don't really participate in much.

I don't even get out of the house!!

I was like this and by some weird blood test my indecision was caused by chronic fatigue disorder. When your in your teens it happens from not knowing what will or won't happen

Haha, me too. I do that all the time.

Happens to me all time

and i thought it was just me

i thought the same until now