It's getting so difficult to been with other people. I feel so weird and dislocated. And I'm trying so hard...
IsabelMath IsabelMath
22-25, F
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sometimes many people does't understand you...but it's natural.. just try your best to with them...

I do...

I understand u. It's so freakin hard. For example, I don't act like most people my age so when I try to, I just look more weird than I actually am. Just be yourself; ur more natural that way

kind of like even though they asked you to come, you don't know if you are really wanted there?

Yes, just like this.

I'm glad I'm not the only person with this problem but it's not hard to get through it.

I guess sometimes with things like that, the harder you try, the more people seem to not want to be around you. At least, that's how I've found it in my life most of the time. :/

I don't understand people at all. Let's live in another planet?

I sometimes feel I already do.


Sure, lets go!

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