i feel horrible because my cousins are here but i just dont really feel like i have anything in common with them anymore because im in college and the oldest cousin is going into ninth grade...
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You can take them for ice cream or
Maybe just watch a movie . But yeah , they are family and it's probably awkward for them too.

:) use that the time to lead by example, and show them how a lady should behave, and think. 😋let them look up to you.

Don't worry so am I...just smile, to be nice, a straight face can make others uncomfortable....

I feel the same... I'm in year 11 and my cousins are year 8 and year 10.
But the year 8 one sometimes wants to hang around with me.
It's just really awkward.

Maybe you could just try talking to them. You can't be out oh high school that long. Im sure you still remember what going to the 9th grade is like.

i do but one of my cousins is going through a phase where whenever anyone talks to her she rolls her eyes and ignores you...

Give her a smack. A little corporal punishment works wonders.

Your name is disturbing. You shouldn't ever give advice

well thy r a little young for u to be running around with them

No offense but awkward