I work all day, speaking politely to customer, and fixing their issues. When I get home most days I turn my phone on vibrate, screen my calls, put my games on, and zone out.
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The story of my life.

I work all day taking care of other people (mostly the very elderly). When I get home I take off my bra, turn off the pager (yes, it's still 1999), play my games and just breathe. Home is wonderful.

Haha my games are still on 3.5" floppies. ;)

Best part of the day is being able to be alone with your thoughts and the world shut out. It's not antisociality, it's simply a desire to cut out the daily bull and have a moments peace! Totally normal!

All I do all day is deal with people's problems. Wears on you, doesn't it?

Yes!! But I will say that the few through out the day that seem grateful make it worth it.