I sometimes wonder what the heck I'm doing here...
I don't have enough trust for friends, why am I writing personal stuff for total strangers?
Am I really getting enough out of these limited interactions? Are we?
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Aren't we all.

yeah i wonder the samething too i have trust issues because of the circumstances i have been in

I have trust for my friends but I don't like to keep texting them at all time..but on EP it's different you can text till you dozed off..hahahahaha...

10 points for best answer! Wait, where am I...

Hi my dear friend...hahaha..thank you!

Sometimes it's easier to confide in strangers ... maybe that's why?

This sounds very interesting... I guess I need a friend like that someday...

Riiiight, college....ppl who later stabbed me in the back...

I have never completely confined in anybody

this already seems like a dead end, so ya, I definitely agree.

I feel the exact same way. I hate sharing and rarely trust anyone enough in real life to do so. Like the other said, its easier to open to complete strangers because if they dont like what you have to say, then you can just ditch them with no emotional toll to yourself. Other than the sharing part.

Why don't you all form your own bubble planet and cyber fu** each other!

Was that a joke? If so,it wasn't funny.


100pct serious

Oh, ok. Then please **** off.

Exactly, that's why I hardly share my location or picture. I like the relative anonymity.

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its easier to share with strangers than close friends. because you dont have to trust them- you can leave at any time

The way I see it is you express yourself to strangers that are outside of the situation. Which means they give you their absolute opinion about the situation for the fact that they aren't in any way connected. Positive or negative either way you get complete honest feedback.


I had a terrible experience I wish I wouldn't had done how do I make up for my wrong doing ?