I always feel like the odd one out. I never quite fit in. I'm not as funny, I'm not as pretty, whatever the issue is...I'm just not it
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Being like everyone else is really over-rated ))

My friend, let your inhibitions down and approach life as if you own it. The only difference between the super-social and the lonely is the former generally don't care what others think and when they screw up they develop amnesia about it.

Exactly the same. Being not as funny is a hard one cuz everyone seems to have sense of humour. It's acceptable for your age tho cuz adults are usually serious, right? You're fine. But I'm 15 and it's so freaking hard when everyone at school finds something funny and are laughing, and then there's just me standing trying to put on somewhat of a smile/laugh

I totally get this! No matter where I go or who I am around I somehow end up on the outside looking in.

Family, school, friends, and now work.
Somehow I become that guy not invited to the party.

It's like being the only sober one being with a group of drunks