Just the other day, I went from completely chatty and friendly to sudden shutout within a few minutes. I made myself look unappealing and a loon as well.
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Because I am shy

Excuse me?

Loons unite friend. Being friendly can be difficult.

Being friendly is natural to me, but I just bite off more than I can chew. Nobody shuts me up, and I run into territory not really meant for conversation.

How so?

Because I don't know what's off limits with people. I can talk about stuff that's bothering me just fine, but other people don't want to hear that part of my life. They can really take offense to it.

Can I ask what you mean by that ? What do they take offence to?

I'd rather not say. It's something my old friends talked about so off-hand. I have no idea if it's acceptable.

Message me if you want to know

Got it. Those are the best kind. Very amusing.

I never shut up eithet

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