I kind of forgot how to have friends/relationships. I focus a lot on my job, and i don't really talk to my old friends anymore. I don't want to be alone, but I got pretty good at it
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I never know what to say or how to get people to like me. Some people can talk deeply about college or art and I'm sitting there like 'I like rainy days and movies.' I just never know how to contribute to the conversation without looking like an idiot.

I am practically a hermit... But talking on EP helps to keep your social skills alive , after all EP is like having loads of friends but you can switch off when you want peace and quiet ;0)

I was getting the same way... To the point that I was so good at talking to customers and terbl' at interactions with my actual family and friends.

It's weird how that works, like one mindset can change everything. I'm a little afraid of getting stuck In the wrong mindset

It's bad. I am breaking free. In part the mindset can be socially acceptable and expected, even predicted. But life...real enjoyable, worth living life has to be balanced for the long run.

It's such hard work

It really is. and I over complicate things, and get lazy/complacent

I'm a few years younger than you, but I've gotten familiar with being alone as well. Don't make friends with Loneliness. It turns into Bitterness and Hatred.

most of my old friends and peers are party animals. that used to be me, but I gave that up to experience new things. I'm starting to think it'll be worth it in the long run

Yeah, I think it will be well worth it in the long run too and it's better to work today and have fun tomorrow, than have fun today and work tomorrow.

I actually did the same thing. I used to party alot with my old friends, but it got tiring to fast, and those friends left me behind, i moved across the river and no one bothers to talk to me or even ask to go do something