I need to get a life. I'm too afraid I'll be too shy and clam up! What if I hate it? I'm thinking about doing a dance class but I really can't imagine myself leaving the house. I'm too afraid of people to try anything.
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I notice you're still quite young yet. Do you still live with your parents? It could be that it was the way you were raised. They never allowed you to develop a sense of your own worth and self-esteem. Some counselling and resolving some of these attitudes with your parents may be the solution. I know where you're coming from. I was the same way. But I found out that the more you shelter yourself the more closeted you become and it is horrible in the long run. You need social challenge which will help you pull out of this mire

Don't be afraid. Fear protects but it also shelters. Fear's role is to preserve you... But too much fear will keep you from living out your purpose.

Take it one step at a time. The more you get out in the world, the more you realize there are millions and millions of screwed up clueless people that make mistakes constantly, and you won't feel so scared. :) Before you know it, you will be dancing it up down the sidewalk.

I feel you mate.And it's so annoying and frustrating because it stops you from doing things which you want to do.I'm still working on overcoming this obstacle.Let's hope we both get thru this!

Do the dance class and let it go let it gooooo nothing can hold you back anymore. You can do it!

Haha you're awesome