I do a lot of research trying to find a disorder I fit under but all of my personality traits fit under all of cluster B which are Anti-Social, Historinic, Narcissistic, And Borderline. But Mostly Borderline and Anti-social
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I'm curious as to why your trying to diagnosis yourself.

I was Diagnoised with bipolar disorder but then switched to borderline Personality when I turned 18. Not trying to diagnosis myself (so check yourself on that). But I feel I was diagnosis right but I think I have more than just borderline personality.

Check your own self-or rather stipulate in your opening paragraph that you have been rendered a diagnosis.
Additionally, if your diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder is correct, any other mental ailment would be what used to be called an AXIS 1 disorder, such as something like depression, bi-polar disorder, anxiety, substance use, etc. Essentially symptomology that is related to immediate suffering.
It is of course plausible that your diagnosis of BPD was not correct, as Personality Disorder traits often occur on a spectrum with multiple diagnosis. Thus you may simply have traits (behaviors, tendencies, emotive presentations) corresponding with multiple PD's as opposed to meeting all the criteria of just one.
But to be safe, see your shrink, and tell him what your feeling and what's going on.