So I have been keeping to myself through most of high school and don't socialize with a lot of people. I like to avoid big groups, I would rather be with a small group of people that I know really well. OK but this girl starts texting me and she is really cool. She kinda said hello out of the blue and we got to know each other. Well after about a couple days of texting she really didn't make any contact with me anymore. And I don't really want to text her because I feel like I would be bugging her. I understand that we don't have to text every single day but she hasn't even talked to me for a couple days. What exactly are her intentions? Am I worrying over something insignificant??
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if you dont have anything to say then dont say anything bro. if you want to know what her intentions are than ask. i too prefer small groups of people i know well over random crowds and parties and stuff. i have a tendency to be a hermit and watch movies alone vs. go out with people lol. in high school i was extremely antisocial and awkward and i think that is very common. i barely graduated highschool because i ditched out so often overwhelmed with the amount of people there. class of over 500 and close to 2000 kids total in the school. if it wasnt for my dear mother signing off that i was "sick" those days i would have failed out because of absences not because of grades i somehow managed to pass most of my classes even though i didnt go very often lol. anyway these things seem quite normal to me man, hang in there:)

Thank you

Just be u

Hahaha, but I don't know what I would do in this situation. Probably just wait until she says something.

Don't do that... Find another and make her jealous

I don't think that's good advice...

Possibly. She might just be going through something and she might be wondering why you aren't texting her either. Maybe. But you shouldn't worry over it bc it might be insignificant but if u do find out for sure that something's wrong ask her. :)

Ok, thanks for the advice!