Or Maybe I'm Just Arrogant

I'm a fairly social person online, where I don't really have to do anything.  But the very idea of getting dressed up and going out someplace where there's a lot of people makes me queasy.  I used to get invited places, and would always look for some excuse not to go.  If it's a function I have no choice about and have to attend, I usually drink a lot.

I don't have much tolerance for other people.  I have one person locally that I hang out with, and when we go out to dinner, we invariably end up sitting near some loud, obnoxious twit who feels the need to nearly shout a conversation.  I hate that.  Do they really think whatever they're saying is so witty that everyone in the place needs to hear it?  My friend is a lot like me, so we have fun quietly talking about the people around us.

It's not so much that I think I'm better than everyone.  Just better than the obnoxious ones who don't seem to have a clue how to behave in public.  There just happens to be so many of them!
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There's nothing wrong with you, the problem is the way people behave in group, and it really makes me sick to my stomach! There is always this need to outwit, to outdo everybody else, to brag about anything, it's just a mess, specially among younger people. You're not arrogant at all, it's just your standards that are higher, that's all. Unfortunately people like that seem to be majority these days and it make us, deeper people, wonder if the problem is in ourselves. Well, it's not. Just see where the world is heading to find the answer!

There seems to be a difference in your perception of who you are online and who you are in reality. Some people are able to word things more accurately in written words and can express themselves more thoroughly in such a manner and some people's minds just freeze up when put on the spot in reality. You should try to transform that confidence that exists within you in chatrooms to your real world human ego. It IS the same person you just don't realize it. Be that person, and stop worrying about those people around you. Don't judge others and they won't judge you :) And the ones that do judge aren't worth your time.

and as a result of that I dont talk a lot with everyone.. Im very friendly I have nice first conversations with people.. but second times can be hard.. so I avoid eye contact and try to act like Im busy.. so I guess people find me slightly arrogant which I really can be but thats cost me to have almost no real friends in life.. >.

Same here! I can be so social and talkative and not sensitive and rational online.. when i talk to people on msn or chatrooms.. but in real Im nothing like that.. its like inside im a really cool and calm person and thats reflected in my chats .. but from outside im really conscious.. not easy with simple conversations.. etc etc.. Just what should I do.. :s

I know what you mean, I hate having to make small talk with people who I couldnt really care less about, it's not being rude just don't see the point in falseness!

i get what you mean, i'm rather sinular unless i'm hyper then i just couldn't give a damb about anyone else around me and if they get to out of hand, just tell them to shut up, but as i said, thats only when i'm hyper, i would just sit there and talk quietly with my friends otherwise.