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I Enjoy My Own Company

I have a few friends that I spend a little time with but I'm always happiest when I'm on my own. I do socialize but not often. I feel bad when people ask me to go somewhere with them and I say NO but I don't see the point if I'm not in the mood. A lot of my friends need to be around people all the time, it wears me out to be honest. I hate making small talk and I hate having to be polite to people I can't be bothered with.
AWUK AWUK 26-30, F 8 Responses Sep 13, 2007

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I know exactly how you feel. I find it hard to keep a smiling face with people too. This is a big problem with my husband's family because they are always together and having events.

I totally understand how you feel. It is the exact thing for me. I feel happiest on my own than surrounded by people. I don't even see my friends every week. Whenever I say no to their invitations, I'll feel bad at first, but then I don't regret my decision of not going out and feel good staying home alone. I also feel at peace alone, and can actually be more productive than if I was out with friends. I would rather stay home on a Saturday night and studying, than going out drinking and wasting my valuable time!

i cant think in chaos or create....being an artist, i didnt realize how important being alone ok on a one on one basis but i have always been uncomfortable in crowds....i feel like a freak...days like today are hard because im lonely.....this is my fault for not working at friendships,,,,,,deep down ...i think i avoid relationships because they hurt.....i also think im too fat and ugly, if i cant like what i can i expect anyone else to?

i wondered sometimes if there wasn't something wrong with me because i dont enjoy other peoples company a lot and i worried so much about it and felt sure it was something i had to fix. that made me force myself to do things i didnt want to do and i got totally fupbped up. now i need to heal and its going to be a while. so i understand where youre coming from and now that ive found this group im going to frequent it to try and learn where i went wrong.<br />
<br />
When ck42ck said i love peace and quiet and calm and others who enjoy the same it makes me wonder if that is the difference that makes me antisocial. i enjoy quiet but i think a lot of people find it boring. that was one of the things that i felt aboutmyself when i got hurt. i was afraid of appearing to be boring.<br />
<br />
i know i didit to myself buti m trying to find out why

*hugs* Thanks :)

there is nothing more content then enjoying your own company. I enjoy my own company as well as others who like the same things. But I love peace and quiet and calm and others who enjoy the same environment.<br />
Al the best your friend ck

I'm kind of the opposite, I prefer to be alone when I'm feeling low and want to go out and socialize when I'm manic as I know I'm more fun to be around then!

For me, it depends on my mood. When I'm in my downswings, my own company is often the most horrendous in the world: imagine having a pathological serial killer sitting next to you on a crowded train, constantly babbling in your ear about their sadistic desires and hateful persona. On the other hand, when I'm feeling more manic and euphoric, I like my own company, because I have nice dreams and nice things to say to myself whilst others criticise, point and deride. Sartre once said that "hell is other people" (if I have quoted that right); but I would extend that to "hell is other people, especially yourself", if you understand my obscure meaning.