The Longer I'm Antisocial ...

The longer I'm antisocial the more antisocial I get.  Social interactions are definitely something you need to practice to be good at, so I really suck at small talk, I never answer my phone, and if someone comes to the door I actually run upstairs and hide until they go away.  I'm really good at spending long hours in the basement, though.
Mandragora Mandragora
46-50, F
3 Responses Oct 28, 2007

Wow, I feel the same way!!! Except I get online and shut everyone out...

Wahaha! Yeah, I guess it could be considered that.<br />
<br />
A Jehovah's Witness left a Watchtower in my mailbox once. I pinned it to the tree in my front yard with a steak knife, and they never came back--not in the 10 years I lived in that house. I may not have gained any social points for that one, but I got a lot of exercise from laughing whenever I thought about it.

Awww... I get slight pleasure from telling people at my door to "Go Away!" Is that considered small talk? LOL