Stuck In Clueless Land

You know how you go through life and things click along the way....  well, I feel as if nothing has clicked for quiet some time, I guess I'm still drifting...

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Thank you all, it brings a tear to my eyes reading such kind words.

we will listen if you need to talk-ok?

I am enjoying your writings Recycled... My sister is a cutter and I know how hard that can be. That can cause some major strain on all relationships. I am glad that you still have your son and he is close to you. You will move on with your life in time when you are ready. All of this stress at once has got to be hard on you. We are here for you and willing to listen. Keep writing and I will keep commenting.

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I believe you are dead right! I really need to let up on myself and just work on moving on. I guess I just want things to happen now. Not sure how I've become this type of person, maybe with all the conveniences to make things quicker I've somehow blurred the lines.<br />
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Thank you for you incite, I know my writing isn't the best, I have never been a very good writer and thank you for taking the time to read about me. That means a lot!

The biggest thing to happen to me is my wife moved out in Nov after a year of counseling which I was basically a slacker at.; I didn't realize the seriousness of the situation, when I did it was too late! I’ve had too many things on my plate this last year; new job which involved getting a clearance, deadlines. <br />
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Another biggie I guess is my 1st ex tried to sneak off to MT with my 13 y/o without telling me. I found out and talked my son into staying with me and he’s been with my since May 08, we’ve bonded very well and I am so glad of that! But I think the current wife was/is afraid of my son, he reminds me if myself when I was younger too. However when he first moved in he was a cutter, had some serious issues because of his mother. He’s been in counseling since and is 100% better IMO! <br />
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However, the stress continues, I am in her house while she is in a rental; this has tugged on my mind with the situation I’m in. I should have moved out and I maybe could have moved on with my life.<br />
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I guess looking back there has been a lot of things that have happen over this past year that has caused some ‘stress’ in my life. I’m sure in her (wife) life too! God my life is a mess!