Ok, I would not say I am tired of love in the purest sense of the world but at one point or another - I have gotten tired of putting for so much effort in exchange for slim if not nonexistent returns. I want equal investment or what is the point? Someone to use me like an emotional dishrag and wring me dry until I have nothing left to give? I don't think so!!!!! So I'm not tired of the joys of love or the treasure that it is but I am tired of feeling at times that I am the only person with a real investment in things.

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4 Responses Mar 3, 2010

I understand what you mean MM. It really does need to be of equal effort or it does get totally exhausting. You just seem to give and give. I have a huge capacity for love but it is finite ... there is a brick wall inside your heart which will make itself known after successive disappointments.

tgrsldy: fifty years??!!! Wow...I thought I found my soulmate but instead he seems more like a cellmate. Rather, the guard in the prison I am in.

I know how you feel, MMX2....you know I do!! Hang in there...it took me fifty years of doing the same thing til I found Tiger!!!!!

I understand where you are coming from. Have you talked to your significant other about your feelings yet?