Goodbyefor Now =(

I'm a sixteen year old girl, and happen to be so lucky to be in love with my girlfriend. I never thought that I would face such a sharp, quick, and sursrpising pain. My girlfriend has gone away on vacation to the philipines and I couldnt go. I know she's going to be with family and friends and she will be happy. It's jus that I'drather be there with her seeing it all happen. This family visit was planned out for months. I have known she would be going from the day she decided. It's still just amazing that no matter how prepared I was for the moment of our temporary goodbye, that it still cut sooooo deep. I was hollow, sad, upset, and confused all at once. Unfortunately our goodbye was electronic because I wasnt able to make the departure time for her, due to a doctors appointment. =( But at the least I was virtually with her until the very last moments. Im in very deep confusion on my current feelings and that makes it worse. The only thing I know is that im sad and im mildly depressed. Arghh.!! Im hating that she left but I guess I love her enough to want her happy. Im jus gonna have to deal until she's back in my arms again. *one day down so far, 29 more to go.*
YaziiJ YaziiJ
18-21, F
Aug 3, 2010