Some Things I Really Do Not Care About.

In general I listen and if I am interested I will stay with the conversation and if its something I do not care about I change the subject or let them know. My brothers wife thinks I am a fake person and that I act like I care,  if I do not care I do not hide it or act like I care. So I do not talk to her any more and my brother and mom says its rude but I don't care what they think about that so I don't talk to her so I do not  "bother her" with me supposedly acting like I care about what she has to say even though  I was interested at the time when I would talk to her..
She is such a bitter person and if she wants to act like I am such a hassle I am not interested in talking to her, and I don't care what any one in my family or out of my family thinks.
nekajean nekajean
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2 Responses Jul 26, 2010

You think so? I am not to sure if it is that I mean she can be really mean and all but in general I am not a prideful person. She try's to start arguments with me when ever I am around her sense my brother talked to me about it, and she goes out of her way to be rude to me in what ever way she could think of. I just let her talk and when shes done I leave. So I ignore her now. The thing about me seeming like I was interested to her "even though I really was interested" was what got her started to basically try to pick on me, and my family thinks I should not care if she is mean to me. I don't get mad at her or anything just leave her alone.

This sounds like a case of wounded pride.