Actually, i plundered it.
while you were sleeping,
(or were at least looking the other way)
I unabashedly took what you offered.
I alternately drank it in greedily,
and sipped it slowly, luxuriating in it's flavour.
Unhurriedly, I peered into the heart of your stories.
at times laughing aloud, drawing the attention and odd looks of passers-by.
i did this with no fear,
and with no regrets.
i wanted to know you.
to enjoy you.
to roll ecstatically around in you like a cat in cat-nip,
Relishing every tantalizing bit.
Sinking my teeth into the meat of your confessions,
I tasted of your pain, your insecurity, your loss.
Running my fingers over your responses,
I gently touched the jagged edges of your heart and
and inwardly cringed in sympathy as I probed the ache of your loneliness.
Taking them in my hand, I weighed Them against my own.
I zoomed in on your pictures...staring intimately into your eyes and
Intensely behind your smile, sniffing for hints of more than just your words tell me.
(and admiring your taste in color-coordinates and bathroom fixtures;)
I rejoiced in your stories of triumphs. your strength and your successes.
The depth of your love, the obstacles overcome.
and borrowed some of your fortitude.
I took a chance, and accepted a huggle... and was (almost) tempted to giggle...
I caressed your whiteboard. read how you interacted with your friends,
the playful bantering, the heated debates, the careful diplomacies at times, turning a possible argument or someone's bad day around with a kind word and a smile or hug.
I groaned and rolled my eyes at some of your jokes,
pondered the profoundness of your advice.
and was struck speechless by your enviable use of wit and smartassery.
I was left somewhat breathless imaging the scene as
I blushed at your passion. the unbridled rush of your lust,
was titillated by your imaginings, and shaken by your desires.
And then I sat back... Listened to your music... let myself be carried away.
as I stared longingly through that window of your soul,
thoughts about what i had read floated along with the melody,
and I realized
how very glad I was to have taken the time to get to know you.
SweeetKiester SweeetKiester
41-45, F
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This is great! Very clever indeed. I think this might be my favorite experience - so many good stories and responses.

thank you. ;)

Holy cow!!!!! That was awesome!!!

*blushes*.... well thank you... I don't know about AWESOME.... but..... .... *shrugs*... ok, I'l take it. *grins* ;)

You have a way with words. Writer? If not you should be. Lol.

lol... no... only on my off time... thank you. *smiles*

wonderfully well written! A joy to read.

Thank you so much!! *smiles* It was fun to write. ;)

Wow! You've been stalking this poor bastard for some time now,haven't ya?

nah.... stalking is such a harsh, against the law type way of putting it....LOL

I'm pretty sure the judge is going to agree with you when he makes his final ruling. Geesh! So that's what all the rope in your trunk was for,eh? :P

how do YOU know about the rope in my trunk??????????

Do you think you invented stalking? Takes one to know one baby. ;)

geesh... and I even snuck that in under cover of darkness... well, at least you don't know about the other stuff. ;P

No......unless you're referring to the policeman's uniform, the chloroform,the oily rags,fake id's, glove compartment full of unpaid parking tickets,one empty package of xxl condoms (cherry flavored) and " The Best Of Captain And Tennile" cassette? That's just wrong.Sick and wrong.

WHEW!!! ... oh good... no, that's my neighbor... you're not a very good stalker... *grins*

They always try to pin it on the neigbor. You and I both know the police aren't going to buy that story,and your finger prints are all over everything....not to mention saliva.

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Who are you? This is stunning work and I am honoured to be part of your "profile peepshow". MrHeartaFire xo

lol... thank you... haven't peeped on you yet tho... *grins*

*draws curtain,..offers you a glass of merlot....and some popcorn with choice of flavourings ( my fav is cinnamon sugar) *

Loveeeee this!

Thank you. *smiles*