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Broken Promises Come To Fruition In The Dark

This is not the typical post you see from Fungirl.  It is a little darker side of my soul that I don't share often so I want you to know this before you read on. Thanks

You shattered my heart, broke my body, and corrupted my mind; in some ways I will forever be your prisoner, left with no hope and forever searching for my missing link. Hidden tears cried out in the darkest night, muted screams come from my slumber. Was that my scream or was it the little girl that lives in my nightmares?  It doesn’t matter because it is yet another promise broken as you refuse to relinquish my dreams. I can mask the pain in the daylight but the darkness opens the wounds as your demons dance around me. I steal comfort in the arms of my lover but even in my dreams the knight cannot save me from your betrayal.
fungirlmmm fungirlmmm 41-45, F 47 Responses Feb 9, 2011

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and majestic.

Loins are awesome animals.

I understand. I just loved the lion so much.

I understand. I just loved the lion so much.

I kind of stopped the lion ave because I felt like I was being it just for other people. They are still my favorite animal, and the one I can see myself in the best though.

I want to learn the British Accent. <br />
<br />
I can say *** and chance in an British Accent.

I can't wait to watch them.. <br />
<br />
She did this cute British Accent in Partition. The movie was boring...

I'm not that crazy.. That's stalking, invading privacy. I think I will go to jail a really really time. I will collect her movies. I bought two of her movies at

Hehe Ar, I miss the baby lion.<br />
<br />
I know you wouldn't Mother.

Sorry.. Don't worry I'm not a crazy fan to stake out at her house. I want to but no...

I wouldn't expect a knight to be able to handle your nightmares and save you, but if that knight was a lion then it wouldn't even be a challenge. You should dream of lions!

it is all good.

I'm obsessed with Neve Campbelllllllllllllllllllllll.


Of course. I understand. "Cryptic" that's a big word. LOL

This post was made particularly cryptic to allow others to see themselves in the pain, but those that have been through the same will see more in this post than others.

Well I never have my heart broke like that but I don't think I want to either.

Aww thanks ((hugs))

I can relate, FG. (((hugs)))


It helps to release that hurt and pain that you have, for you can't heal fully with out it. I speak many a dark and black post to the uncaring walls of the room for they listen without worry.... *wink*

I am sorry for your pain.

I am in darkest night too and can not get away.because I will lose my girl friend. I am too love her to forget...

I am in darkest night too and can not get away.because I will lose my girl friend. I am too love her to forget...

Forgiveness is not about condoning the deed done to you. It is about you releasing yourself from it. One can never right a wrong nor "get even". But dwelling on it only destroys you. It is baggage uneeded by you. Most likely the person/persons who hurt you will never feel remorse and will never see what they have done as hurtful. But forgiveness puts the"ball"in their court and they have to deal with it,NOT YOU. It is difficult,but essential. And it puts you in a higher position.

sorry Liya...

I am sorry Liya

wow you have just discribed how I feel about the loss of my ex husband to another lady. hmmmmmm

Really? You have read it tell what you think? Roxy liked it.