It's True.........

~ I may act like I believe the same thing as you. I may nod my head, say ummmm, but that doesn't mean I agree. What I'm saying is that I don't trust you enough not to try and ram your opinions down my throat. So, to get off the subject faster, I will nod, say ummmmmmmmm & move the topic along as quickly as possible. ~

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1 Response Mar 21, 2009

i am the dead opposite when i should shut up and say ummm and nod i say hell no i dont have to agree with everything you say...basically i just cant comply. I am not a puppet and i will voice my opinion i dont expect you to agree or feel the need to pacify me. You have your opinion i have mine...and sometimes we may agree... That's what makes a world variety. <br />
My problem is im too honest and people dont like the truth. I will not lie. But whatever floats your boat.