To anyone who thinks I'm complaining, I swear I'm not. I was only asking a question, I wasn't threatning or suggesting suicide, and I wasn't looking for attention. I was only looking for opinions. I'm sorry if I came across the wrong way, and I was really hurt when some people said really horrible things. So that's it :'( bye

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A lot of people are afraid of the truth.

Sorry to hear this happened.

Honesty is often 'blasted' there are alot of people in this world that don't want the truth because the truth is messy and complicated and requires thought... truth is an endangered species in this society and all I can say is don't let them kill your attempt at truth... if they silence you it only furthers a world of lies.

Yeah, I agree with FB. Don't allow others to prevent you from saying what you need to say. We all need to vent and to have an outlet in some form, so don't feel ashamed or wrong for saying the things you need to say. But I know that's easier said than done, so I don't blame you for being a little gun shy in wanting to continue to share. Just know there ARE those here that care and want to listen.

if u need to vent just keep the story between your circle,because we care about u and want to know these thing about u so we can help u

Well it looks like I'm not gonna be sharing much more on here now anyway, coz that just ruined it for me. Thanks for all your comments, at least I know some people care.

I'm sorry you were attacked in such a mean way for merely opening up and trying to get some things off your chest. I think that trying to use this forum to express yourself and vent is cathartic and should never be ridiculed or suppressed.

I don't know what happened, but let me tell you this....<br />
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A while ago something similar happened to me. I posted a cry for help, to which I just got blasted. The thing is, no one has the right to say whether or not it's going to happen or not or to judge those who have a slight moment of weakness/distress/desperation.<br />
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They're not worth it honey, just remember that. You have the right to seek help, however that may be

no one deserves horrible things said to them i am so sorry this has happened to you. please ignore them you are free to speak your mind if people care they will listen. if they are horrible to you they are not worth are special and you deserve respect.

(hugs)some of us do care