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What You See Is Not What You Get... Sry

I may seem happy always
but more than often, while im smiling, im jus feeling nonchalent

I may seem positive always
but more than often, when i am optimistic, a part of me screams of negativity

I may seem talkative always
but more than often, when i talk, im jus sprouting nonsense to keep the conversation going

I may seem to be concerned about my studies
but more than often, when i stare at the book, my mind is drifing elsewhere

I may seem to be an obedient girl
but more than often, when i smile and say yes, vulgarites that flood my mind is uncountable

Sorry for not being the great person i seem to be
Thlabyrinth Thlabyrinth 16-17 1 Response Mar 8, 2011

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You seem like such a fantastic individual to the rest of the world. And if beauty is in the eye of the beholder then so is fantasticness. We all think you're so fantastic because you are. Who cares if you think dirty thoughts?<br />
All that thought through though. It sucks to be one thing and act another, so here's hoping you can bring a little more peace to your life by joining the outside and the inside of yourself.<br />
<3's make blood flow.