Let Down

I've asked people, you sure you want me? I promise you right now in a few months you won't want me. But for whatever reason, people find me cute and funny and claim my quirks are endearing. Then of course I make the big mistake of trusting them. Soon enough, they discover I'm not really funny, just desperate for a good friend. They discover I'm pessimistic, boring, and really just in a world of my own. I'm really just a complete let down once you get to know me, so people make a run for it. And break my heart. Well, I tried to warn them, so they can't complain. But I should have learned by now, so I can't complain either.
forgottenangel38 forgottenangel38
1 Response Aug 9, 2011

I get what you mean. People also use me, just to get what they want. So babe, just keep smiling.