Seems like I find myself saying this to people every time I let them get too close to me. But I am learning as I go to keep people at a distance so they never have to see the dark side of me.

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I'm betting you're a lot less depressive and neurotic than you think you are. I'm also gonna bet there are people who want to be close to you and it hurts them more to keep them at arms length than to let them see the crazy.

i hear what you're saying. with me, i kept people at a distance because i didn't have it in me to make 'nice'...it's hard for people to understand when you suffer from depression. it was so much easier that way but guess what? i found out that my real friends loved me, knew me, and loved me still! so, i guess my thought is that you might let your friends decide for themselves whether they want to be around you or not...you just might be surprised how many stick around :)

^ Thank you, I appreciate the kind words. :) <br />
Honestly, my friends are wonderful. I keep my distance from people because I don't want them to see how depressive and neurotic I really am. It's essentially for their protection. When they get close to me, they see I'm not as happy and cheerful and pleasant to be around as I seem to be on the surface.

i'm just curious but i have a feeling you're being hard on yourself? we're all human and make mistakes all the time...maybe you're just hanging around with people who don't understand you??