the tears are falling
and i don't know how to make them stop.
my hands are shaking
and im unable to calm down.
my heart is breaking
and im scared.
i am doing what i can to cope
and i know that is not what you want
that is not what anyone wants
i'm trying so hard
but i know its not good enough
i wish i was strong
like the rest of you
im extremely sorry im not strong
i am trying
but i know its no where near good enough
i know that no matter what
its never going to be good enough
im so sorry, im really trying
i just want to break down
and cry but i can't keep it together
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3 Responses Jul 12, 2010

Beautiful and heartfelt poem. You are strong. And you are honest.

you are going to get through all of this. you will get to the other side. but for now, we all know you are doing the best you can. you are loved and no one that truly loves you will ever judge you.

Exactly. Crying gets it out love. It's the holding back that gets ya. :(