4 You The Narcissist

I am sorry that you never really deserved me in your life. I am sorry you let me twist my life for your pleasure. I am sorry that you were too scared to love a real woman. I am so sorry for remaining a mystery to you for so long. Let me introduce myself, I am the biotch that you no longer have any power over.  I hope that one day you look back and realize that I really did care a lot about you but you broke me and rode me until I was lathered in sweat only to leave me panting and wanting more. I am sorry that I ever knew you or ever gave you even a small piece of me. 
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46-50, F
6 Responses Jun 7, 2011

I understand how you feel, I am in the same place..The narcissist is incapapable of having an intimate relationship with anybody and will end up alone..All they care about is themself and do not know how to give they just take and always blame others for their problems...I RATHER BE ALONE!!

:) I am around IF you need me.:)


I am okay. Thanks for caring.

Ouch! Hope you are OK......

wow sounds like u might wanna hit sumthing...or sumone lol