The Daily Trap Of Melancholy

Months have gone by and still I catch myself thinking of her, even my subconscious mind invades me nightly with dreams. I find myself regretting that I ever cared for her, if only so I can have a peaceful night sleep and not to fall into the daily trap of melancholy. The paradox of missing her and knowing the to see her again will only bring forth more pain, it slowly eats away at what remains of my sanity. So **** it, she can have her hollow plastic life! I’m trying not to allow this to consume me, I have to relearn how to stand up again with nothing and no none but my own strength for support. So be it, if my anger gives me that strength I need than that is what I will use.
LordNothing LordNothing
26-30, M
3 Responses Jun 7, 2011

I'm glad you have found the strength to stand up and fight those feelings away.

I'll be alright.

Sorry sweetie.