Trying To Get My Ep Groove Back :)

I love all my friends here on EP. I know I havent been around much to chat with you, post with you, comment or much of anything. Just been popping in and out to read PM's and such.

Snowy's world has been extremely busy with work the last month. I feel like I havent had a free moment or chance to catch up in ages. Of course all my EP/Real Life friends have been texting/calling and keeping in touch and most know by now that amount of hours I have had to put in at work.

Plus I have two children that have suffered with all the extra hours I have put in and I need to be with them as well.

I've missed it here and must admit I have been on Facebook more than usual. I'm getting used to it there, but definitely not as fun EP...

I hope to be getting my groove back soon :)

snowbunny1002 snowbunny1002
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3 Responses Feb 19, 2010

LOL- I have to admit FB isnt my fav place to go Madmax but I can log on from work so that helps some... I just haven't felt the draw to come here like I used to. I'm trying to get my groove back tho :) <br />
<br />
BTW- I was kind of thirsty!! LOL

Thanks Floydian.,,, yea I felt like I needed to say I am sorry for not being around. I just have had so much going on, i havent had the inclination to log on to EP like I used to :(

You need to say sorry for not being around? **** now i know why my circle seems annoyed with me as of lately :/<br />
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Oh btw, I forgive you as I havent been here myself ;)