I Will Make It All Up

im sorry. im sorry i was not there when you needed me. sorry that i closed up on you when you wanted me. so so sorry that sorry is not good enough to fix ll that i have done. im sorry that i was not who i promised, sorry that your love slipped by. more that my window of your life slipped away before i even knew it was there. im so sorry that words will never be enough, that time will never help. im sorry i was self centered, to wrapped up in my self to worrie about you. to let you cry on me. im so sorry.

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4 Responses Mar 1, 2010

your right. i guess its self less but wasnt thinking of it in that way. people do that with strong emotions. tend not to think. i hope time helps by healing the hurt and leaving the beauty that once was. but time has a odd way of doing things, i hope who ever it was you hurt sees the beauty behind it, the light that is there if they looked. i hope you heal as well.

You're right that nothing you do will fix the situation. That's precisely why it's selfless. They throw it back at you, and you get nothing out of it - you don't get to justify your actions by them accepting your apology, and you don't get to get absolved. You get nothing, and yet someday, the person you hurt might just be able to remember your words and make peace with that part of their past.<br />
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I said a similar apology to someone I hurt a great deal. I doubt she'll ever speak to me again, but someday I hope that the words that I said will help her make peace with this chapter of her life.<br />
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And you're wrong about one thing - time will help. It might not help you and this person heal any of the gulfs between you - but it will help both of you to heal.

its not self less. its worthless. when you hurt someone so bad the only thing they will do is throw it back, they dont care when there hurt.

i miss my fiend karla

I wish my Ex would say these things to me - though I doubt she ever will. If you said them out loud to the person you're talking about, then I commend you for being such a kind person, and for giving them such a selfless gift.