Thats How I Feel Today

Just want to crawl into my lair and wait until someone or something comes to get me.  I seem to have nothing left inside to generate feelings of any sort except sadness.  I've given it all - no more pieces left of me.   I think I need a set of jumper cables for dead spirits.  Or, maybe there's a small charge left in my battery and I'm just resting here today awaiting the charge to build up so I can start again.  That felt right when I wrote it.



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3 Responses Jul 28, 2007

Interesting concept those turbo wah wahs - much too loud for me in the morning. But, maybe if I got up and did a few primal screams - that might get me over my "quiet time till noon syndrome". LOL

Have you ever heard of Turbo wah wahs?<br />
Ya start out in the morning going wah wah real loud until you have gotten it out of your system. Then you are done with it for the day!<br />
Well it works for me!

The second half of your written emotional journey sounds about right for several days in my month.<br />
<br />
Thanks, <br />
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