To My Friends..if It Matters

I have away from EP for some time now. It's because of school stress, and also adjusting to the fact that my roommate is moving out and thinking what can I buy for ME now. laugh
I guess my time has come. I don't live in a fancy house, and I still don't have a car but I am still proud of what I have(especially when I get that laptop). I have high and low standards at the same time. I want alot of thinsg I can't afford. But then again, with school I can only "afford" so much entertinment. I'm in until next July at least. I thank God and kittysdagger for leading me to school. It's a positive step for me in so many ways. I still am terrified of the outside world :(
I better get over that if I'm going to work in an office.
So, I'm sorry I haven't been around. I hope everyone I've been close to is doing wonderfully.
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4 Responses Aug 7, 2010

You have not let us down. Any disappointment we have at not seeing you here is not because we're disappointed with you, but because we look forward to seeing you. Sometimes you need to think of yourself without thinking that you're being selfish. You have to do what's best for you, and even if that means you're here only occasionally this place will be better for your input.

Start with knowledge, nothing ventured is nothing gained. :D

Perfectly understandable. It's good to have a life outside of EP, or so I'm told. Best wishes with school, learning is one of the under-appreciated pleasures.

Hi KittyChanel <br />
You are a light in the dark and have not let me down. <br />
Good to hear you are back and doing well at school. I am happy to hear it!l<br />
Wild donkeys of Lesbos Hugs!<br />