It Is Me Again.

This is another group that it seems every considerate, thinking person should join.
I usually have a hard time turning the other cheek, but I seldom seek revenge, and hate no one. Yet somedays it seems i can not get through the day without hurting someone.
I have spent over 40 years in management. Many of those with responsibility for over 700 people. I had to enforce rules fairly for all that often meant causing pain to people you liked.
Have been the one that delivered the news to hundreds of people several times this plant is closing. Putting good friends out of work. Some understood, but i have all my car tires slashed beyond repair. I hold no malice and am sorry for any I have hurt.
climber1 climber1
66-70, M
1 Response Dec 6, 2012

Such a fine compassionate soul you carry within you Climber1.