Let's Trade

I always feel sad when I hear someone's daughter died, or someone's son, or grandchild, mother, etc. Then I will see the sadness well up in their family's eyes, hear of how much they were loved, how much they left behind, or how much they had to live for. And I see this beautiful person in my mind, full of love of life and hope, until their life was taken away. Someone who died from a car accident, drunk driver, shot and killed, or whatever the situation was I always wished it could have been me instead. To lose my life when I headed home from school or on my way to work. I wish I could trade, and it would make perfect sense. I didn't love life and spent half of it hoping to lose it, so it only seemed right. I always wondered: why them and not me? If i could make a deal with god, I would ask him to let one of these people live instead. They would do so much in their life and appreciate it more than I ever would.
endofseptember endofseptember
26-30, F
Aug 11, 2010