i made some friends on here and maybe i was foolish to think people actually cared.i am sorry for the way i am sounding but i am in a very dark place in my life.i use to love coming on here and reading my i am lucky if i get one.different people have told me how they feel in different ways.i wonder was all this a lie.i am very lonely even on was one of my happy places.i enjoyed helping others.and talking with i feel i do not even belong here.i am not wanted at home or any where for that matter and i feel i am no longer wanted or missed on here.its sad when i was popular one minute and people wanted advice to being forgotten about all together :(
freeangel freeangel
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Thank you Sammael i was feeling so guilty but i know i can not help how i feel

thank you so much ersatz. yes i am only human is full of learning experiences :)

Its not too late angel,not for me,i will always be your friend.<br />

i did not mean to but i pushed everyone away without realising and now i feel its too late :(

i had no money which meant no internet.i agree with what you are saying but i do send messages and receive nothing in return.true i did stop talking to people on ep and around me :( no one has made me feel worse just the opposite.i really appreciate you all for taking the time to make comments. sorry if anyone has felt i am not a good friend.i guess i let my emotions control my behaviour too much,i isolated myself and now i am feeling the damage of this.

You know i keep try to get you to come on and talk to me,tried to get you to get Yahoo IM so we could chat but you dont.Im one of your friends that knows how lonsly you are cause im the same way.So get on more and i will talk to you well into the night.

I have been where you are in feeling that EP was no longer the right place to be freeangel ... like everything, this site has it's ups and downs. Stick with it hun and those with true friendship intentions will show their worth!