so what does it make someone who refers to women as
1. *****
5. *****
6.**** waffle
7. ****
there are many other words but i dont have the time to write them down.
is there a fine line between it? i dont think i am whatever i am writing about i am a equal oppurntunity guy. if a dude acts like a ***** he gets called a ***** same goes for a chick
im just confused on this i have never told a woman she couldnt debate her opinion on a matter
i may not like or agree with it but i dont block them oh well ill go back to being me
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are u attacking me or snowlover

Are you talking to me?

yes im talking to u

Oh, sorry... I thought you were looking the other way :-)
My comment wasn't directed at anyone specific. I was just expressing my opinion about the question you posed.

lol ok ok i didnt want a fight started on this post i dont get the whole mra and femnist arguement and try not to get involved

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He's desperately throwing the very last of the measly weapons in his arsenal trying to personally attack 'women' in a hopeless attempt to defend his privilege... Misguidedly thinking that he can elevate himself by bringing other people down; or that he has any power to influence an independent woman's self-image. <br />
<br />
Many such men also apparently believe that this is the first time that particular woman has heard such names (and hence will be deeply affected by it). This couldn't be farther from the truth. Speaking for myself, I've heard worse insults hurled at myself and other women by eve-teasers, roadside romeos, once-hopeful-now-jilted almost-lovers, etc. I'm pretty much inured to it.<br />
<br />
The same goes for women who use these names to refer to other women.

Amen sister ♥♥

Do you eat your **** waffles with fried chicken ?


cat food guy why are u posting on my story?

Yes in a decent way. But if you're going to insult then FO

well if im not mistaken u blocked me over a few comments about cat food and seeing as dente is one of my close friends i will defend her in any shape form or fassion now as long as u are civil to her on her and can talk to her with respect the same respect we give u for defending our country u are more than welcome to post here but if ur gonna disrespect her or any woman that post on here kindly stay off my story deal?

As long as dente stays off me and my friends. Deal.

well i cant gurantee she will do that she is a grown woman but if ur civil to her on my post she will be sivil


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Its the same when someone says you lie or calls you a vile nasty old man or a dumb bastard as some bimbo nazis here do

♠☺they are intimidated by women in general, more so if you are a female who speaks her mind. only recourse they have is name calling.. thier mind is incapable of thinking on a intellectual level.

lol i only call names to tease them

I dunno when I call people names it's because I think they are befitting of the names ...

lol ...♥♥♥

In reference to Messchelle's post "I think that anyone who calls someone the names you listed are at the least ill-mannered. I'm unsure what the rest of your post is addressing? [on]Oct 28, 2012"

I think if you want to complain about not being offended by rape jokes and in your own words "political correctness run amok" you should STFU and GTFO because there is nothing more ill mannered than a hypocrite.

lol tell em dente

srsly amirite?

lol like tottally ur so right its not even funny

Women like that are crazy *** ******* - LOL.

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anti-feminists and MRAs

lol i was being a smart *** with this post i dont get the whole anti-feminist feminist bs

LOL - I knew that. I was being a smart *** too. I don't get the anti-feminist, feminist BS either. I only get what's true, and I love people with a sense of humor instead of pompous, self-righteous people who can't tell the difference between funny smart-*** comments, and sarcasm, and reality.

like the one ↓?

uh oh i may have made the anti feminist mad ooooooopppppppppp im breaking the 4th wall

I like that little arrow. I wish my computer could do that. Yes, you may have pissed DickheadDan off, but who cares since he ****** almost everyone off all the time, and doesn't give a shitka.

lol alt and 25 if u the number lock on the side

no I don't :-(

I keep trying to type no, but it posts o instead - weird. I tried to redo it three times to make it work, but it still says o. I meant "no I don't", and not "o I don't".

lmao stupid ep glitch

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Which women are you referring to? Is it the one wearing the T that says "100% *****"? Is it the whole parade of poorly dressed females out on the "**** walk"? Is it the females in skimpy outfits standing on a corner asking if I want "a date." It just depends.