What Is Feminism?

It is women or men turning away from their proper roles in exchange for recognition of society, boosting of ego, and money.

It is turning your children over to some one else for most of the day so you can succeed,

It is placing them in front of video games and the television because you , man or woman, don't know how to really interact with them.

It is putting monetary success ahead of living:

It is giving their education over to some who is only their to make money (to a teacher it is only a job and they hate to go into work as much as you do).

It is not knowing how to teach your children anything of value yourself.

It is seeing your man as some one to compete against.

It is seeing your man or woman as disposable.

It is seeing your woman as a buddy.

It is getting out if the going gets to tough.

It is taking children to disney instead of playing chess or cards with them, which they would prefer.

In short:

It is trading what works; what builds strength, courage and hope, for that which kills, steals and destroys.

How many have ever taught their children to play chess or checkers, even a five year old can play.
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I taught my child how to be a respectful human being...... who cares if he can play checkers.
besides............ were we live, out Door fun/sports is the name of the game.

What is anti-feminism? It is constantly making claims about women and feminism that are not true (like what is written in this story) to try to get people to turn against feminism because anti-feminists are afraid of feminism and don't want women to have the right to choose to do something they do, and possibly excel at it far beyond where they have.

It's totally the fault of feminnazi's with their hate and want total control over all men.


As a young(ish) female, I agree. Although to be fair you can't totally blame all of society's problems on feminism.

Sure you can blame everything on feminism. It is what anti-feminists do

I agree, men are just as much to blame for all this as women are. Most women aren't feminists but very few speak against feminism. Most men are whiteknights. They do what women tell them to do. They will throw anyone and everyone under the bus, including themselves, for the approval of women.Those are the two reasons why feminism has been allowed to ***** men of their rights.

The first step to becoming a MHRA, whether you are male or female, is to not give a DAMN about female approval. If you can get that the rest is easy.

Please specify which "rights" feminism has ******** men of JBMRA?

he never did answer ... that's because feminist has not ******** men of any rights !!!!!
He probably thinks its his right to treat women badly and get away with it ! stupid red neck !
Oh yea he believes men should be able to rape women and not to got jail for it !!

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