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Did anyone hear anything? neither...Unfortunately another sense is working overtime. The one that tends to detect dead things, and dirty diapers and bs....

I apologize I have corrected our unwanted guest ... I apologize for the diaper smell as well, it seems the unwanted one shat all over herself while throwing her in coherent temper tantrum, I do hope you will forgive thwarting big dog clearly her owner has not trained her properly.

LOL I first responded with "" and EP told me to "Please enter a longer reply."


the word was CHUCKLE

Dam Gingerapp,
thwarting = the and
Incoherent is one word¡

Why must predictive text be so mean¡

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:( me not understand language:( me must be stupid cause me is a woman

Aah cutie no, and really you aren't missing much... Just a Snarky comment from a unwanted and incredibly dishonest "guest" who has taken up lurking around the stories of those who have no interest in her bad behaviors or lies... Really anything coming out of her mouth no matter what language she says it in absolutely useless as it is based in deceit and lies ...


I need that one to put in my kitchen window facing my ******* neighbors.

AAAAAAAAHAHA! I can just picture you saying that while smiling politely at them as they look in on you

Wouldn't that be fun!

Yes, it would be such fun. I have really bad neighbors by the way. We've contemplated doing all sorts of stuff wen we get our fence up. For one, we were thinking of putting a little peep hole one each side and right in front of it a picture of my husband mooning them....with his ball sack showing and all. Do you think that would work?....lolz

You know in my experience I have found it varies greatly depending on the ballsack but, you know nothing ventured nothing gained certainly you owe it to your neighbours to at least try the ballsack out ... Maybe various peepholes so they can see it from different angles.

I can't believe that we didn't think of that. Thank you, we'll give it a try.

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DANG! I hate it when I'm the only one that doesn't speak the language!

Let me translate ... Jani came on my story to snarkily dismiss my opinion as nonsense ... A disappointment for me as I had hoped she had mended her bad behaviors with the graces of domestic discipline.

Anyhow not wanting to engage on her on her level I nicely asked her if she has managed to find the time to post that story, which was to address Ruby and Simply's questions, Jani graciously promised us the story several months ago but, when asked 3 months ago she hadn't managed to have the time to get to it...clearly she has time to post here so I'm sure she will soon find those few moments and post the longly and eagerly awaited story she has promised us all!

Oh THANK YOU Dente! Your manners are outstanding. I so appreciate the translation and the EXAMPLE you set for us all. ...

Then she returned and posted several other rude comments and attempted to embarass herself a d derail the thread so I fixed her mistake ! I'm sure she is off working on that story for Ruby and Simply now!

You are SO Kind! I'm sure she is thinking right now, "I love that Dente. I wish i could be more like her. So sweet to teach me the ways of....of....Denteness. I love that Dente. "

Yes. I'm positive she is expressing her appreciation for you RIGHT NOW...

Awh Heaven how sweet of you to say! Yes I think we can serve as positive examples for our lesser educated/mannered sisters. I often am tempted to lose my patience with our Jani but, I just remind myself she doesn't do better because she simply doesn't know any better. I hope our encouragment and guidance will help her master the social graces !

You are an example to all womankind...

As are you!

We only do what we must....

Yes but, charitable acts are good for our souls !

So true. However, I've learned from experience dear friend, that sometimes "charitable acts" can turn and bite you in the keester. Ya know what I'm talkin about?

I do!

No good deed goes unpunished, 777... Dente I love answers to my questions!

*Off to put Denteness on my chicken dinner*

I will remember your words of wisdom Rubies.

*sits down due to the burden* ;-p

You know though while I do worry about my keester, on the internet I find most big dogs are all yap and no bite!

This is true. But I was not referring to the internet dogs as I think you know. The Internet species do love to make noise, entertaining noise. However sometimes, quite often in fact, you just have to take the dog out...

Oh definitely I agree you absolutely must ... Or they get way to bored and begin to diddle and piddle in attempts to "mark their territory" which is a bit disconcerting as they seem to forget it is YOUR house and they live there only at your grace!

Silly things these big dogs can be!

LOL...just laughing at the thought of them diddling and piddling. hehe

Are there women here who need to be punished? *fetches paddle*

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Now THIS made me laugh out loud. Thanks!