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I've never understood why it is when two groups of people hate each other as much as the mra and the feminist do they cant seem to leave each other well enough alone. like posting stories calling rape a joke its not funny rape jokes are not funny u want peace then u pull this **** . it baffles me sorta like the kkk and black panthers they hate each other but still bicker at each other over stupid ****. its simple really if u dont like each other stay out each others ways cause what happens is people who want nothing to do with it get drug in the middle of it cause they have to defend their friends. ive seen worse things in my life but nothing like this. some of u are grown adults but argue like little teenagers over whos gonna get the first i-phone 30 that comes out its just dumb to be honest with u im not friends with mra cause i dont understand them they have the same rights as women do i mean u mad cause everytime u walk into walmart there isnt one bathroom? theres a mens and womens? or are u mad cause they sell womens clothing next to the women? to the mra i say this to u u came out of a woman a woman gave birth to u what would ur mom if she has passed away and seeing idk u that well i cant say she has or hasnt what would she say to u those that are 50 yr old males? what would she think? i bet u wouldnt say the things u say to the women on here if it was ur mom u were talking to. what about if ur mom was raped and had u would u still laugh at rape jokes? would u still find it funny if it was ur own child? niece? grand daughter? would u think it was funny if the next body found was one of ur own? some mite some mite not u need to think hard if its really worth the time energy and fight. a month ago 26 people lost their lifes 20 of them were kids little girls who wont ever get to see their moms or dads if that was one urs that died would u still feel the same way?

i ask u this what will u say before god when u have to be judged for ur actions against women? do u thinks hes gonna find it funny?
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<p>lav25 .... I do love the cowardice gypsyblu displays she makes threats and insults towards victims of child molestation and then when people treat her like the scum she is she whines then harasses other people and finally blocks them. While still maintaining a ba<x>se less attack on them. Here is a question what will god ask the feminists when they defend mass murder and racism, hell they lie so much I'm pretty damn sure lying is against the 10 commandments</p><p>gypsy.....> I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING ................UR SIDE KICK SNOWLOVER13 TOLD YOU TO BAIT US TO REPORT US TO E/P.............. BECAUSE HE SAID HE SPOKE TO ONE OF THE E/P TECKS THAT TOLD HIM TO REPORT US FOR WHAT HE THINKS IS ABUSIVE..</p><p>SO SORRY DUDE... GOOD TRY... I KNOW YOUR GAME AND IT ANIT WORKING. </p><p>I REST MY CASE..</p>

snowlover13 said...&gt; Copyright you stories. And flag them EP Arsineh told me to let her know.

lAV25 got it

snowlover13 Try it for a few it really gets their goat

the mra here on e/p, i suspect are not real m-r-a....

they use the grp to hate on females, disguised as one.

I agree. Just bitching, complaining, and whining about women and feminism doesn't make a man an MRA.

if men don't want to be abused then the need to organize and work with the women to stop all domestic violence instead of whining every time someone mentions rape against a woman

actually lav she has made no threats on my post therefore she has been respectful to me as i have been respectful to her i think you mra dudes are missing the point of my entire story the women that comment on my story comment on them cause i allow them too they show no aggresion to me no disrepect to me therefore i allow their comments to stand unlike kr who continued to press my buttons forcing me to delete his comment and eventually block him

they like to argue with me : )

ur welcome:)

thankyou saints.... he and the rest of the ..... i hate women gang..... have targeted me to hate on.... that all it is... : )

they stalk my comments ,then twist my words around to make it look like im absuing them, they are twisted in thier thinking and they are trying to bait me, poor guys..

they have no life if thats all they have in life is to stalk and hate..

i feel sorrry for them.. at least lav seems to have found his god.

eh well they DONT SEEM to UNDERSTAND that idc bout either group no disrepect gypsy im just tired of the back and fourth bickering that goes on around here

i hear ya saints...

They are just a bunch of irritation instigators. Paul Elam even admitted in that article that was in the Toronto Standard that he likes to "push buttons". I am not going to get as sucked into their silly drama anymore. Its a waste of precious time which they obviously don't have much of since wasting time instigating conflict is clearly something they enjoy.

yea i saw where snow just mins ago wrote somthing trying to bait me again.. its been about 4 days since his last rant, he cant stand it

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lav..... wow you have turned religious on us ... good boy... now go read ur bible

<p>lav who are the victims of child molestation ? give me names, are you speaking of ur self ? knight runner? dozer? cc? snow? </p><p>and if i left any names out please inform me.</p><p>Thank you and have a nice day : )</p>

Some people are clearly just all about projection. They constantly accuse others of doing what has become their sport of choice.

Wow...........lame arguement of course the MRA's would say this about women

<p>&nbsp;<p><p><p>runner......<p>Gypsyfeminist: The old "they hate women because they don't agree with feminism" bullshit AGAIN! </p><p> <br />
gypsy.... i didnt write that story and i have no comments on that story..... so once again you have no credibility</p> <br />
you blocked me a long time ago, so i cant write on any thing you write <br />
<br />
what a fibber you are knight runner. <br />
thank you for proving my point<p></p>
yes even lav25 wrote a story and then in the comments he insulted the femme grp here,.... saying its proof of thier !@#$ since none of them have made comments.. <br />
stupid guy, he has us all blocked, thats why .. i bet he will go and unblock us lol just to prove me wrong lol

The MRA's keep claiming to have "evidence" of all their claims, I have yet to see even one piece of evidence, on the other hand I have a folder of just KR that has 3000 files of things he has said. I have made a few stories about it and mysteriously they get flagged as "bullying" any time he finds them. That's okay though everyone knows the exist and most people have seen them.

yea I'm tired of their so called evidence....

what is pathetic, they will point the finger at us as if we are the ones who wrote the slandering hateful comments ....... they deny their own words, when confronted with their own hate and pathetic lies.

all that tells me is they are running scared.... oh no, they caught us and we have to flip back onto them...

the other thing they try to do is...&gt; act like they are mean son of a *******.... and they every one should be running scared of them, NOT!

then there are two who try to write and act like they are part of mensa... only in thier minds they are.....they think they know everything and try to act like they are highly educated when clearly they are not!!! and then have the gull to be holier than thee. NOT

then there is copy paste master who seems to be getting kick backs from a men's right grp ... I guess I could give him some credit he seems to be the only one who is really trying to promote MRA be it right or wrong in his views.

then there is the pervy one who seems more into walking around nude and peeing in public, then for helping the mra....

so there ya go .....what's the mra to do ???!!!

I have asked KR for evidence to back up his claims over and over again and all he ever seems to provide is more crap from those lying sacks of **** on AVfM. Then when he can't find anything else when I prove again and again that what he and his woman-haters have claimed has no proof he just ignores the requests. Proof again and again that they are lying, manipulating, egomaniacal, ******** who constantly try to take credit for things they haven't done.

<p>wow knight i see ur keeping up with what i have to say....... thank you very much</p><p>you know im right... but i also know you cant give me credit ...why? it would mean you agree with me.</p>

It's unfortunate, Saints, I agree. There is a lot of hate and envy towards women masked under "I don't like feminism" and it seeps onto irrelevant stories and comments. Some people take responsibility for their unhappiness, some blame an "ism". Such is life.

In truth Knight, a lot of men and women are doing just fine :)

odd how runner and all the other guys from the... " I hate females" grp have jumped on the band wagon recently of- lets debunk screen shoots and copy pasted evidence ..they are desperate to disprove guilt.

guess so gypsy

Yes gyspy it's so ridiculously ludicrous on their part, if they want to accuse people of 'faking' screenshots they can't post a single video stating it's possible and then not show the screenshot and proof of it being debunked. Just because people can fake screenshots doesn't mean all screenshots are fake DUH !!! I welcome him to debunk my screenshots, none of them are faked so he can't prove anything other than how desperate he is to lie!

yes i agree....

the process of screen shots can be done within different media formats.

so that means, not all screen shots will come out looking the same.

AND it would be so hard to fake one from a cellphone from over a year ago back when EP was a totally different format. WHO WOULD SAVE a screenshot over a year old, in the old mobile version format if it didn't have something on it worth saving??? HOW would someone fake the old mobile version of the EP website ? ITS SO TOTALLY DIFFERENT!!! AND WHO do you know is actually able to fake screenshots? I am not saying it isn't possible, but I don't think its all that easy because if it was people would be doing it all the time. IF it is "easy" as they claim and they've been researching how to do it, then why can't they manage to do it. AND WHY CAN'T THEY analyse my screenshots and prove them as fake? WHY? Oh that's right because they aren't fakes.

i guess he thinks a simple zoom in won't happen so here it is

wonder what excuse he will dream up next LMAO

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kr no one is paying u any attention not dente not kitenhasawhip not gyspy blue. no one and im slowly loseing my paitence with u

ok kr thats the way u want play ill play that game with u remember u asked for this

Since the video shows how to prove if a screenshot is faked (wrong colors on zoom) I welcome anyone to test any of my screenshots !

Thanks for providing that knight! Also please show how someone could fake screenshots with a mobile phone. Because I'm eagerly waiting for your explanation. Also waiting for your video analysis of the screenshots I've posted. Cockadoodledoo :)

he must of hunted for days to find something to debunk srceen shots..

doesnt he have a family he is supporting?

when does he find the time to work ?

I find it VERY suspicious that he is looking up ways to 'fake' screenshots. Guess we know how seriously to take his screenshots.
Seriously how desperate can a person be?

Interesting on the video he links to it clearly shows you can tell of the screenshot was faked. Interesting that he hasn't provided "proof" but alleges my screenshot was fake, if it was fake he would have been able to zoom in and show it was 'altered' he hasn't because it wasn't faked!

This has made me laugh so much - I'm going to have to get some incontinence pads

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I care about people, men, women, and children. I just don't care for hypocritical liars who pretend harassment is activism. You know me, you should know that.

i do dent i know u alot better than i did that is why i will always back u no matter what, i guess i am ur "lap dog" just waiting to be scratched behind the ears as kr so kindly pointed out to me

I know !!! I didn't appreciate that comment for 2 reasons, 1) It's assumptive and portrays friendship between men and women as men simply appeasing women so they can have sex. And 2) I value and appreciate your friendship, we've had disagreements but remain friends because we have actual respect for one another.

yes we do

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Saint just want to tell ya watch your stories GYPSYBLU WILL STEAL IT.!

Saints, have you deleted comments? *tut tut* Poor show.

i was asked sonnet

I asked saints to delete the KR stuff with avfm links and there was confusion. KR has deleted plenty of things (like everything I ever wrote on his stories) so he will have deal with it. I'm sure Saints won't mind letting KR put back his nonsense without the avfm links.


&lt;==== tired of spamtivists spamming avfm

but that wasnt the only reason i deleted sonnet, i deleted cause he wasnt getting the point idc about it and didnt want to hear it

But honey you posted the story, what did you expect would happen?

How would Saints know kr would spamtivist his story? Saints isn't psychic he can't tell who will or won't be run down and killed by a mini cooper !

No no, silly girl! This:: "idc about it and didnt want to hear it"

Also, shhhh about my possible Mini Cooper related demise. *sniff*. It's a sensitive issue...

What about *sniff* did you not get?



Twas to perfect a spam cooper ... There is no way I could let that not be seen!

The irony of this is amusing however. ;)
*sips tea*

KR deleted many of the comments I made before he blocked me as well. He obviously hates being called out on his BS, and having people repeatedly point out the things he has lied about, falsely stated, or clearly does not understand.

Agreed Lady, and faking a screenshot from a cellphone is impossible, clearly mine was from a cellphone (from a year ago) and he claims it was 'faked' ... Faked shots are easily debunked in photo editors all you have to do is zoom in and switch it to a negative... I happily invite him to analyse it. I am also sick of him claiming I threatened his family... 1. That never happened and 2. I don't even believe he has a family because of all his inconsistent claims about that family.

It's like ground hog thread...

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its done

I meant just the ones that were links. Oh well... he didn't say much.

A link to the screenshot, it is very clear that it was taken from a mobile phone it also doesn't have a solid background, it is striped... Knight should just apologize
Accusing me of magically doctoring a screenshot taken on a cellphone is desperate and sad.

(its back when my screen name was vitadisgrazia)

i saw it hun

Saints I respectfully request that you delete any comments by KR which link to AVFM, AVFM can pay and get approved by EP for advertisements, the constant spamming of stories with AVFM links by KR is disrespectful and classless.

How you interact with KR without having a nervous breakdown is beyond me. I have to ignore him. I just get too pissed off reading his crap. God will reward me for battling feminism. Okkkk.

Yeah I know. It's silly. I don't take his hissy fit hysterical Gyno-hate rage seriously... its fun to see how far off the edge he will go though

At one time i had an open mind about the MRM, but after perusing such lovelies as " A voice of men" and 'spearhead" and listening to the hateful misogyny spewed out by the likes of Elam, John the other and manwomanmyth I have come to the conclusion that the MRM at least the modern day ones are nothing more than angry, bitter, revenge bent misogynists who HATE women.

Jane- I know its hard but we have to remember that some people within the movement are good men and want good things...these hate mongers who worship AVFM and fuel their hatred of women by feeding off the MRA are not activists, they aren't supporting men's rights, they aren't interested in anything but, hatred... but most importantly they are not true members of the MRM. They are Mranti's we can't let them ruin things like the Goodmen Project ect..

I stand corrected. I know nothing bout the goodman Project but will research it.
I must say that these so called Mranti"s are doing much to cause harm to the MRM.

There's a lot of really good points here. But you do have the basic premise of what the men's rights movement actually is entirely skewed...

I would agrue that it is AVFM and KR that have what the MRM is about skewed, and they've spread that message so well they are destroying the true meaning of the MRM.


Which is?

Men's Rights. Not as KR advocates for Men's Wrongs.

But we're in saints' story now honey. Not Knight's. &amp; it's saints' vision that I'm commenting on.
There is no such thing as 'more wrong'. :)

Saints vision is KR. No?

How so? *utterly confused*

At least Hilter number one is keeping hydrated...

Not meaning to confuse but Saints is talking about some behaviors KR exhibits and taking issue with the 'rape is funny' story by KR no?

And KR often misses the message of even AVFM the rape story was about humor being subjective, but KR repeatedly tried to say it was about feminist controlling what everyone is allowed to say and not about what's funny or about rape or rape jokes. And that to me shows he doesn't understand the messages he parrots, at least not intellectually ...if there is any understanding at all it's spoonfed and superficial.

I was listening to Bach's cello solo Nr.6 there. So beautiful...

Anyway... I said I believed (believe) that saints has the basic premise of what the MRM is wrong. Knightrunner is just one man with one opinion. He misinterpreted that story, that's very true. But in that he does not speak for all. Here saints addresses the MRM in a broad sweep. Saying that their mothers would be ashamed of them for believing that true equality encompasses men's rights also.

I think this story was mainly dealing with issues arising from KR's representation of the MRA. And to be fair KR has of late been touting himself as a leader of the MRA on EP, and stating he is able to speak for the movement. (links and screenshots available if needed)

Ha! Gotta love Knight's moxy! ;D

You are absolutely right! I said that in the "There's a lot of really good points here." bit. That however does not take away from my other point... Skewed &amp; all that. :)

I guess our difference isn't that it is being skewed but who is doing the skewing. I see saints properly viewing the MRA as it is presented to him by KR however, KR hasn't quite managed to work out the Rights part of the MRA he skews it ... Either way ...yes it is skewed. And skew is a strange word ...I want to type it likeep this sqqqeeewwwhhhzzzaaahhh ...oh well

I like it though. I like odd words. :)

^^^ That however is a damn fine point you've just made!

my point i was trying to get across is if they dislike each other so much, then leave each other be. i compared them to the two civil rights groups here in america the kkk and the black panthers. they both want whats right for their race, but cant seem to leach other alone to accomplish that. thats what im trying to get at

"They both want what right for their race". Hmmmm.

well in their case gender

I get what you intended to say. :)

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I agree. I used to go to the MRA/anti-feminist groups and post argumentative and critical stories, and comments, but I don't do that hardly at all anymore. However, if they come into our pro-feminist groups and post anti-feminist stories or comments that contain critical lies and false claims about feminists and feminism they are definitely going to hear from me, and I AM going to call them out on their bovineshit.

Is attending the group meetings of the opposite of your particular philosophy something common? You always hear about that in the political arena (democrats going to repubs meeting and vice versa).

Its not common for me, but it sure seems like it is common for MRAs and anti-feminists. I am starting to think they just get off on being instigators and **** disturbers.

Yea more than likely. I just didn't know that they would attend those to stir up trouble. Seems counterproductive (and unsafe lol)

am i now? im wrong on the comparison of the two partys? are they not for equality of their race? do they not set there and bicker over stupid ****? and yet they want peace among themselfs? if u believe men are better then woman then why are u married to a woman and not a man? seems like that be the thing to do. look idc about either group i dont understand it and dont want to understand it. but if u hate each other so much then why pick fights with each other and not just leave each other alone

where in the blue hell do u ur get facts from boy? we dont have equal rights? we dont get to vote just like women? we dont get to hold high paying jobs like women do? we dont get the same health care and **** like women do? the only thing a woman can do that man cant do is have a baby and that is a fact. are u upset u cant give birth?

thats just it i dont give to ***** and a **** about whats goin on

Until women the world over are treated like human beings, I don't give a rats #$$ about the "rights of men in North America".
A woman in Saudi Arabia was recently beheaded. A young woman in Pakistan viscously gang raped and died as a result of her massive internal injuries because she dared to walk outside with a young male. These are the stories that get me angry, not some poor sap who is being made fun of in a tv commercial.

Who comes to someones story and then tells them to buzz off? Seriously.

I have done more for men's rights than KR and AVFM ever will.

30% of those acid attacks aare perpetrated by women against mostly women. Stop pretending that only men can be violent.

In Cambodia most acid attacks are carried out by women.
I think the question should be "why are you only pissed off at men."

In Bangladesh 1/3 of acid attack victims are male.

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