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What is our "proper roles" and who decides what those roles are? As a woman why do you think I need someone to tell me what my proper role is? This is insulting. I believe in equal rights for all people. I don't hate men. I also do not want anyone, male or female to be so presumptuous as to tell me my role in society or my worth. I am sorry you have been brainwashed period.

So you don't believe in feminism? OK, Why be insulting to women? You can't express an opinion without tact? My role in society is whatever I choose it to be.You hate radical feminism. Why lump all women into one group? Do you want to be lumped into a group? I am a woman but I am an individual. I am married as well and my husband would never want me to be complacent or a pushover. He actually like women who can think. It's a pity some men don't. Women are human beings, treat us like one.  Any man or woman for that matter who doesn't treat women as a human being with the ability of thought is truly a sad, scared individual. 

UPDATE: The truly sad thing about this is the men who are crying feminazi do not have the ability to understand why women demand equal rights. After thousands of years of being put down and held down, these stupid men still don't have the ability to look at the past history of their gender and see how women have been treated throughout history by men. Today women all over the world are treated as property and mutilated and murdered with impunity by the males in their society and these men can't and won't comment on that. How sad they have to fight their battle with such dishonesty , leaving out the basis for why women fight for our rights. When these men and their rhetorical, nonsense can answer to how we women have been treated and how we still are in many parts of the world., I cannot see how anyone would listen to them. Leaving out huge parts of the argument doesn't make a case for their side.

I treat my dogs better than many  men treat their wives!!!!  Patriarchy should be wiped off the face of the Earth. Many men would tell you slavery in this country was wrong yet they would enslave a women without hesitation. How hypocritical. 

Men, if your house is dirty, then CLEAN IT! You are able bodied. If you want dinner, cook it . Most women are tired from working 50 hour work weeks. You want kids. Take care of them. Stop whining and get off your patriarchal ***** and pitch in.  Thank God I have a man who would never act the way you do. 
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Appalling to me was that while the girls 12 years old in Africa are having their vaginas sewed shut, is the relatives of the young girl who holds her down to do it.
How gross and dirty this must be as she is usually just getting her period and well the smell of the infection. Wow Just WOW. It is the older women who are perpetrating these offenses as well they had to go through it, this is our tradition. SICK!

This practice is to preserve and ensure the young girl has not been touched by any other man before he takes her as his wife and CONSUMATES the marriage. WTF, so on her wedding night her husband who is probably pre arranged is going to rip her open. Wow that must be an enjoyable moment. It is these same cultures that are bringing home the AIDS to their wives and impregnating them after having multiple partners while married afterwards.

sickening isn't it ? All over the world women are abused.

Yes and I am not a feminist either but just considering people ALL people as humans, this behavior towards them is not OK.

I think the new US Fed reserve bank chairwomen (which it most probably wil be) must feel like one of the biggest nails in the coffin of the anti fems

Why would she fell that way?

Why might he feel that way? cos it's a powerful position historically occupird by a male

Gotcha - thanks.

"Men, if your house is dirty, then CLEAN IT! You are able bodied. If you want dinner, cook it . Most women are tired from working 50 hour work weeks."

Unfortunately, I have a grandmother who has (for most of her marriage) been trapped into spoiling her husband. She cooks him everything. She is his ONLY hope to eating anything. She worked like he did. She was a parent like he was. But everyday when she came home from work, she had to worry about cleaning the house and cooking dinner. My mom said she remembers her mother being very cranky all the time.

Sometime recently, maybe last year or so, for whatever reason, my grandmother did not cook on this day. It is unclear if she was away for most of the day or just did not cook. My grandfather did not eat ANYTHING. he just sat in the chair all day until he got sick. My Aunt-in-law who lives next door had to come and at last give him some lemonade, but they had to call the ambulance. I thought that was the stupidest thing I had ever heard. He can move around really well, but yet he can't make himself something to eat???? My grandmother told my mother to never marry a man like that and she regrets she allowed this spoiling to continue.

It has been stated over and over that for many women their work day does not end when they leave work. Their work days last 24/7 because they are not only expected to work at a job, they are also expected to do what some men refer to as "women's work" like your grandmother.

My ex was like your grandfather. He never cooked and when he came home from work he would grab a beer, put himself in his recliner, and watch sports all night until he wanted me to have sex with him or fell asleep, while expecting me to provide his dinner and do everything else that needed to be done. When he would come home from work he would claim he was exhausted . . . like I wasn't too.

I've always hated that about old fashion marriages. It almost becomes a point of is your wife your partner or your servant?

And we women can never retire either. We are cooking and cleaning, or expected to, until they lower us into the cold ground!!

That is just stoopid of him. He would rather make himself sick that get up and eat something?

its well known that married men live longer, than single men. why ? they have a wife to wait on them, to cook healthy meals for them, to remind them to keep their doctor appointments.etc

That makes a lot of sense. And there's nothing wrong with depending on your wife. As long as it's genuine. But I always find this ironic becuase men and even the world paint them as the dominant and stronger gender, but yet around the house, they can't even do the simplest things. ?????????????

exactly! YOU said it !!!

my guy will wash dishes and he washes his own clothes............ but that's it! i do the yard and everything else.

Many of them see housework as women's work!

Odd how many of the anti feminist men cry about father rights, do they realize caring, watching over children is not like watching foot ball.

I'm all for men cooking ,cleaning, helping their children do homework, doing the laundry so their children will have clean clothes for school, grocery shopping, going to PTA meetings, planning play dates for their child,

I'm all for men having responsibility outside of the weekend Disney land dad theme.

if it wasn't for me my guy would eat pop tarts and mc- Dees every day all day

AHH! You just HAD to say Pop Tarts! That sounds soooo delicious right now. Strawberry flavor!

omg yes it does....cinnamon is my fav

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(applauds) Brava !!!

Great story, so well put!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But I just tried to rate it up...and the rate up button is not working :(

what is this another ...ugh...EP improvement (as I gag)?

LOL I still can't add group logos. I have other glitches too but I block them out.. Thanks for the effort anyway ( of rating it up)

I have those too, though I notice most not all of the time group logos pop up later.

Just tryed to rate your story up again today...nope still not working

we can't rate up multiple times anymore. :(

It appears not, tried doesn't work I guess if the primary rate up don't

My guess is that token eater will return, EP wouldn't want it gone $$$.

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Someone commented to me a while ago that why should we care about women being suppressed in other parts of the world. Well to answer that I will say, it is because women care about how other women are treated, even if it is in a country that is not our own. The fact that in Afghanistan a woman can be disfigured by having her nose cut off or acid thrown in her face just for defending herself from an abusive husband is unacceptable. The fact that a girl can be set on fire and burned alive because she "shamed" her family for falling in love with the wrong boy, is barbaric.The fact that in some countries in Africa, girls are circumsized without their consent, that means having their clitoris cut off thereby destroying their ability to enjoy sexual stimulation, is outrageous! ANY woman in ANY country would be alarmed by these actions. In fact, any man who is not outraged is a shameful human being in my opinion. So as far as the MRA go... you are a bunch of uneducated, spoiled, self centered thugs.

there is another story going on with very same thing as we speak..

i told the anti feminist if he/she is concerned about third world women being neglected by feminist, that i have a few web sites they can look into to become a true activist for women's rights. but they have yet to ask me for them

Of course they won't get involved.. hypocrites.

"So as far as the MRA go... you are a bunch of uneducated, spoiled, self centered thugs."

So very true of at least the ones I have seen here on EP and AVfM. They really should call themselves 'Anti-Feminist/Female Whiners" because they continuously make it apparent that that is truly what they are. I haven't seen a single one of them actually engage in any activities that relate to "men's rights".

From what I have seen of the MRA men here, they all seen to have a chip on their shoulder and seem uneducated. Most of them are either very devious or delusional. The way they misrepresent facts is actually comical. But the bottom line is, they are just immature brats.

yes! why not do volunteer work with big brothers, or help to build men's shelter, since they cry out, how there are n men shelters ..why not start one!!??

Exactly! I regularly donate good quality usable clothing and house hold items to a local shelter for battered women and children. These MRA men are not interested in helping anyone. They would rather sling dirt and cry like babies.

kitten i just donated two over sized bags of clothes shoes and hand bags ( I'm a clothes horse) to women in need.

I donated tons of clothes too plus small appliances, lamps etc. I only buy good quality stuff so I know they will be used. The local shelters are in need these days.

kitten yes you nailed it jac/b as we speak is running to story to story as we speak, that i made comments on placing his link to his kitten /knife video he made. on youtube that video is very disturbing!!

Any man that talks like that immediately loses respect and credibility with me! Usually he ends up on my blocked list (snickers) there is no point in wasting my time talking to boneheads like thosel
Sexism matters worldwide it's a male disease that needs to be squashed!

I block asinine people all the time. I won't waste my time on them.

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Who would think that such a simple story could attract so much discussion? lol I don't have enough experience with feminazis or whatever you guys called them to contribute to this discussion; however, I am here to support my friend Kitten :)

Thanks idle, with the glitches in EP's notification system lately, I just got notified of this comment this morning..*smacks head* oy!

No worries :)

KittenHasaWhip is a very popular EP user :p

She isn't so popular when she uses her whip though - scary stuff! lol

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Gender roles are easy to follow and in many parts of the world religion stipulates what gender does,this was laid down over 2000 yrs ago and is followed to the letter,in a more educated society we can think for ourselves so we are now doing what needs to be done to raise families look after our homes etc.I was a single partent for few years and this was hardest job ever done,
However I agree with you we need the best people to do the jobs,look after children gender shouldn't come into it.I actually prefer a Matriarchal led civilisation if that was possible,as most women who have lived seem to have more comman sense and practicality.

Wow!! Love this!
My favorite... " patriarchy should be wiped off the face of the earth".

Amen to that!

More of those LOL MRA's should read stories like yours

For those of you who don't know what the MRA movement is, the unofficial definition that I've come up with is that it's a bunch of over-privileged men who are throwing a temper tantrum because women have realized that they're not doormats, and so they're rolling on the ground, kicking their feet, and holding their breath until we women shut the fvck up and go back to being barefoot and pregnant. They seem to believe that women have it incredibly fvcking awesome (because misogyny, ****-shaming, victim-blaming, etc. totally don't exist anymore), and they basically think that the feminist movement is a bunch of bullsh!t and is no longer necessary because, hey, women have it incredibly fvcking awesome!

Boy are they twisted and mistaken!!!!

So true. I believe MRA = many ridiculous ********

I believe that the apparent women that talk this way are either A) men disguised as women or B) have never been oppressed by patriarchy. If you see a lot of these so called women's profiles they are generally very sexual. Having been raised in a patriarchal society, I can tell you that that women are condemned for being sexual whereas men are encouraged to sow their wild oats. That's right women are supposed to be demure and once the have a man they are their property. A sexually liberated woman in looked down upon. Furthermore, it's a women's role to be a martyr and give themselves up to take care of their man. That also includes not voicing an opinion. It means just being quiet and demure and subservient and giving up one's life. How many of these women do you see talking that way?

Furthermore, the other subject being MRA's how many of them really want to take all the responsibility in life?

yes, i agree, many of the sexy female profiles are created by some idiot middle aged man

If you look at the profiles of the MRA members, they are actually pathetic. They all post profile pictures of some muscular he man. I suspect they are actually nerdy losers who have never had a date which is why they hate women. Usually men who love women are confident and have success with women and getting a date. It's the losers who always blame women for their shortcomings.

one of them is 60 plus years old, but his profile age says he is 20 something. his profile picture is one of a young man with the Beatle look. i guess back in the 60s he looked like one??

his stories gives him away!!

ha ha Figures..

Very good point kitten! It's the unsuccessful men that blame women for their shortcomings.

I suspect some of them come from developing countries where women are devalued. I have never known a successful man that hated women. That has to tell you something.

I agree and all these fools who don't believe some men still embrace patriarchy, believing they are superior and women are inferior, and that women should be submissive to men should read the huge amounts of all the BS that relates to that written here on EP and other sites.

Honestly, all a man who wants to believe that patriarchy never existed, and that women were never oppressed, has to do is watch TVs shows and commercials from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. They make it abundantly clear that that in fact was the case, and often show why feminism and women's liberation came to be. Lets face it, if women were not oppressed, and were always treated just as equally as men, why would these movements ever have come to be, and why are they continuing to thrive?

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My question through all of this is, what are the MRA , at least those on EP doing for the betterment of mankind? How does taking away women's rights better mankind? Keeping women down.... how does that make the world a better place for all of us? Especially when we have had some brilliant women in many fields, women lawyers, doctors, scientists... how would keeping them pregnant and barefoot serve mankind.

And how is just whining and complaining about women and feminism all the time men's rights activism? If that is what MRAs think activisim is they are pretty pathetic.

Sorry people--- I deleted Elmer Fuds posts. I couldn't stomach him using my story to post his propaganda. I had enough.

Don't be sorry I hate blocking people but sometimes its really necessary. Not to say you did block him but I would of done so because sometimes there is not too much more you can do.

I blocked him too a while ago. He started following me around and commenting on my stories. He didn't want to hear another opinion than his own. He's quite the country hick.

lol there are a lot of those on here it seems :(

Yeah. More and more it seems. I try to ignore them. Especially the MRA. They are too pitiful to even bother with. I just see them as a lot of angry men who lack education and social skills.

Good for you, and I agree KHW. I also see them as a lot of angry, hostile men who lack education and social skills. Particularly social skills that relate to interactions with women.

Yes They lack skills with women, that's for sure! I live in a state that is mostly liberal and I live in a suburban area halfway between Boston and NYC. Their kind of thinking would never go far around here .Not with all the excellent schools around here like Yale and Harvard. That's why I say they are uneducated numbskulls with simplistic thinking. I believe if the had an education they would see life much different.

whoa whoa kittenhasawhip >:( theres nothing wrong with country hicks!!!

Sorry... I didn't mean to offend.. uneducated is what I meant.

lol im bullshitting u

You got me!!!!! lol


Its quite ironic that most of them seem to be from small, backwoods towns in southern states where good educations, female equality, and realistic thinking often seem to be very rare.

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I understand that things are different since I was born. And I agree that men and women should be treated the same. It only makes sense.

The thing that has bothered me is what I might refer to as the "confrontational, aggressive feminist" (CAF). An example of what I have experienced the following:
"Don't call me a lady. That is so Victorian!"
"Don't call me ma'am. That is so sexist!"
"Don't hold the door open for me. I can get it myself!"

What I propose is that manners are OK. But they need some minor adjustments. For instance, the FIRST person to arrive at a door should hold it open for the NEXT person. And that next person should say THANK YOU.

It seems that old-fashioned manners are offensive to the CAF and as a result, consideration for others is on the decline. We now need signs on trains to tell people to get out of their seat and give it to an older person. But unless there is a law or a sign, men are reluctant to give up their seat today, because of past run-ins with a CAF. Who wants to do something nice or considerate when you might get blindsided by a CAF? Who needs that? Life is too short.

I understand your views on the confrontational feminist. I don't like them either. I have run into plenty of them over the years and they are as rude to some women as they are to men. I happen to be a woman who enjoys being a woman. I dress like a woman, I do my hair and wear makeup. I wear high heels. Some feminists have attacked women like me. I stand up to them as much as I stand up to men who want to take away my rights. It's all a matter of being fair and having manners and concern for others. The thing I find offensive is when men say a woman should stay at home or shouldn't be paid the same as a man, or women should learn their place. That isn't just sexism, it's a lack of manners and consideration.

I hope you are appreciated for who you are, both in terms of respect and pay. I have found that men and women come in all stripes. Some have been good bosses, some not. But I find women to be generally more to my liking. Probably because they have better insight into human relations! My wife stayed home to raise the kids, as we agreed that was the best way for us to raise them. I thought my wife had more career-earnings potential than I did/do and that I should stay home after she finished nursing them. She disagreed. Both of us are now underpaid for the work we do - but that is both the economy and the fact that we aren't effective at securing the appropriate pay for ourselves!

What you find offensive I believe (hope) anyone born after 1950 would find offensive! That sounds more like people from my parents generation and fortunately, they are just about all out of the workforce!

Believe it or not, I have pretty old fashioned values. The difference between me and some folks is, I want the options to choose. Yes those born in the 30's and 40's often have outdated ideas about a woman's place.

My father passed away but even though he had old fashioned values, he wanted his two daughters to have rights and choices. He as well understood progress. A society can't progress when some of it's members are oppressed.

southerndixie, it's true. I couldn't make it up (about holding doors open)!

Regarding your brothers, that might be where I'm different - born and bred in the north. I'm not sure how long they would last around a city like Chicago!

I was raised in Ct. Good old boys wouldn't last around here either. There are too many educated and independent women here and they wouldn't put up with it. But we still appreciate manners. :)

My father was also born in the 30s, but he is very modern and always supported feminism (my mom and grandma are feminists). When I was a kid he would always tell me I could be whatever I wanted to be when I grew up including an astronaut or the president. He would buy me cool toy trucks to play with and other toys that many parents would only give to their sons. My dad is a great guy, and so are my brothers.

I am also very feminine KHW. I love to wear makeup, fix my hair, wear dresses and sexy clothes, high heels, etc. I also love to care for my family and home, cook, clean, sew, garden, decorate, and (drum roll) I am a feminist. I have met very rude men and women, and it rarely relates to feminism.

You sound like me. I cook, clean, garden, decorate. I do it because I want to, not because I have to. That's the difference. I agree, rudeness is not about feminism or any other political views. It's about selfishness and lack of people skills. They are rude because they are self centered.

So very true. The difference is that many people who are against feminism label women who behave that way as feminists, regardless of whether or not they truly are. Where I live we just label them as rude ********, and I have run into just as many men who behave that way.

Especially on the anti-feminist sites here on EP :-)

"But unless there is a law or a sign, men are reluctant to give up their seat today, because of past run-ins with a CAF. Who wants to do something nice or considerate when you might get blindsided by a CAF? Who needs that? Life is too short."

Some of them may have been affected by what you refer to as CAFs, and what we feminists refer to as extreme radical feminists, but honestly I don't think that most men stopped opening doors and giving up their seats on trains, etc. to disabled people or older people, or pregnant women because of that. I think many of them stopped doing it (or never started) because their parents never advised them that they should, or they became lazy and/or selfish. Most realistic people know that a disabled or older person, or a pregnant woman isn't a CAF who is going to attack someone who offers them their seat. And its very unlikely that a CAF who just saw it happen would attack them either.

I was riding on a packed commuter train once (standing) and a younger guy was sitting on a seat near the door when a bent over older lady came onto the train. She was standing right in front of him holding onto the pole and was obviously having a tough time. I made my way over to him and bent over and whispered in his ear that he should give up his seat to the old lady who was struggling. He looked at me and with kind of a shocked look on his face and said "Oh, my God, you are right. I didn't even think of that", and he immediately got up and helped the old lady sit down in the seat where he had been sitting. I praised him for doing this in the hopes that in the future he would think of it again. I also routinely saw some older men, in the same kinds of situations, pull up their newspaper and read it in front of their face when the older, disabled people, or pregnant women came onto the trains so they wouldn't have to give up their seats to them because they were pretending that they never saw them so no one would view them as the selfish jerks that they obviously were. Sometimes its very apparent.

I don't ride commuter trains much anymore, but back when I did I always gave up my seat to men or women who obviously should be sitting. I also hold doors open for anyone who is directly behind me after I have opened them. I always thank people who do that for me, and I am always thanked when I do it. I feel that these things are just common courtesy, and have nothing to do with feminism. And I am a feminist.

bluelady1021, you are exactly my kind of feminist/human being! It is truly great that you encouraged the young guy on the train to give up his seat. He may very well not have been aware of what was going on around him (one of my pet peeves - people who have no idea of their impact on those around them - you know, the people who stop and look around for a few minutes immediately after they get off the escalator...).

**(one of my pet peeves - people who have no idea of their impact on those around them**

i remember years ago i worked with a Debbie downer .. they made her manger, due to her computer skills but she had Absolutely no social skills ! a few of our clients even complained how she never smiled and had few words to say.

iv seen on public busses signs stating the front seats are for the handicap and elders ..with out that sign, I imagine not many would give up their seat.

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did you look up the law code? I posted where it clearly states its against the law what you say to us.... the bullying and harassing us on EP. u want to silence us.....

you think your some big deal important person NOT! ....and you think you can change the world NOT!!!! good luck with ur delusions of grandeur ..

you have convinced your self that you are some big wig head hunter who can keep women from having rights, GOOD LUCK !!!! it anit going to happen, ur a one man donkey show ! sad how you have convinced our self that you are for women and men's rights, but at the same time you hate on us females... WHAT EVER !!!

KNIGHT YOU have said, you wished you had our real names and pictures to post them up in a fraudulent web site, as some type of criminals.

Now if that anit bullying and and borders on criminal behavior then what is????

oh no, don't answer that knight, I don't want to see ur lies and ur delusional thinking in replies .

I am almost temped to start a website about twisted, angry, hostile, mean, insulting people who obviously have issues, resentment, and hatred for women, and try to justify it by blaming it on feminism and calling themselves MRAs. I would easily post the names and photos of men like Jack Barnes, Paul Elam, and Johntheutter, and women like GirlWritesSquat.

I love this ladyblue

Its tempting, but unlike people like KR, aka JB, and many other anti-feminists on the internet, I actually have a life that includes a husband and children I just love to spend time, and do things with so it would be difficult for me to spend a great deal of time creating websites, blogs, or YouTube videos just to whine and tell lies about anti-feminists like they do about feminists.

KNIGHTRUNNER YOU say you are for both men and women when it comes to equal rights. THEN WHY DO YOU BELITTLE WOMEN HERE ON E/P? you even called me a bigot right here on this story and u say you don't degrade women???

you will never get anywhere degrading us females, you hate women so much.

you think we really believe you? when you say you are for women and men's rights I

I got a great idea..... go home to ur so called wife and daughter instead spending all ur time here hating on females .. I bet your wife would not put up with ur rhetoric for one second !!!!

ur daughter needs you at home HELLO!!!! be a good father and TAKE THE time you spend here on E/P COPY PASTING, PLACING LINKS THAT MOST COULD CARE LESS ABOUT and hating on us females ...instead go home and be a father to ur daughter!

I understand what you are saying here gypsy. It is so strange to see a man who claims he has a wife and daughter obviously spending most of his spare time on the internet reading about MRAs and feminism, and hanging out, reading, watching videos, posting videos, listening to commentary, and posting comments about hating feminists. If that was my husband I am sure I would be the only one spending time with my daughter while he was off constantly doing his own thing. That's not much of a husband or father in my book.

I agree ladyblue!

knightrunne said...>I wish I knew your real names so that I could post profiles of all of you on That way when society turns against feminism you all won't be able to pretend that you never supported feminism

knightrunner wrote...>But the longer I let her hang around the more she regenerated into a femanazi.

knightrunner said...> These are few links to feminismt websites. All hav e one thing in common. They are either supporting scum. Or they are scum. Or they hold the author of scum in high regard.

Mar 17, 2012


S.c.u.m. Is Alive And Well (society For Cutting Up Men)

Learning The Ways Of Our Enemy Pt4

kinghtrunner said...>To blu and her lap dog the shoe. You are evil violent hateful bigots.

below are two other comments knight runner made....

Men won't be able to have equal rights until feminism is destroyed.
its men spreading the truth since feminist tend to be liars and loons...

below is what KNIGHTRUNNER TOLD KISSES.............

knightrunner said to chocolatekisses36 >>>>You have no idea what you are talking about. You are the poster child for a typical feminist. Ignorant hateful bigoted violent and evil. Goodbye.

knight wrote...>Be sure to post my above reply to your story. A link to my profile would be nice. What. You afraid people might read the stories I have posted and see that you are full of ****?

gypsy..>many of your degrading stories where you have bullied and slander our names here on EP has been took down by EP. (THANK GOD!!!!!LOL )

so there is no link lol and besides why should I provide you a link. You wrote the stories, you should know them better than I do..

ur so sweet for taking the time to write about little oh me ... I must take up a lot of space in ur thoughts,does ur wife know that????

knight..>all already know that feminism is a violent hate movement. That why you call yourselves feminists. You hate men. That's why you attack me.

gypsy...>Hate? no we hate the lies that some of the men here on e/p who claim to be part of the M-R-A try to make us belive!

we hate the vulgar names they call us, the accusations made,

we hate the obvious ...> they are not here for mens rights..... they are here to hate on women.

they would never say these things to women in real, why?

because it is against the law, and they know they would be took down in a heart beat, there is the lose of job, lose of monies do to being sued,
I bet if you spoke to women at ur bizz the way you speak to us knight, you would lose customers,

we hate being called nazis, *****, ******, we hate having our lifes threatend by your so called MRA here on e/p telling us, they would love to see our heads shot off, we hate having our children threatened, implying they have our child/children in thier possession all because we disagreed them..

here is a code you can google..> 1708.7. from paragraph 4 ..... we hate..>being bullied with harassment that is .... > directed at a specific person which seriously alarms, annoys, torments, or terrorizes the person, and which serves no legitimate cause.

By: Me

Age: 41-45 , Woman

"All already know" - a generalization.." that feminism is a violent hate movement"- an opinion stated as fact, which is why uneducated, ignorant fools make statements like that. They don't have the arguing skills to see just how stupid they look. I notice all these morons cut and paste from websites like automatrons. They can't think for themselves or post a convincing argument so they cut and paste.He believes everything he reads on some website is the gospel truth rather than thinking for himself. And of course like the commercial on TV..."you can't put anything on the internet that isn't true" LOL Bonjour .

kitten I love that commercial !

LOL It's too bad kr hasn't seen it..

knight ...>Plus you all now know that you can't utter you hateful rhetoric without a MRA calling you on it. That lets everyone else know that there is a growing number of men and women that will NOT tolerate feminist lies and hate anymore

gypsy...> go clean up around your own front pourch before you start spitting out your shallow, senseless, bogart, rightoues,woman hating, meaningless, bullscat.

KR wrote: Plus you all now know that you can't utter you hateful rhetoric without a MRA calling you on it.

But they get absolutely furious and block us when we call them out on their vile anti-feminist rhetoric, and hateful comments, lies, and false accusations.

knight.....Feminism is done. Its only a matter of time.

Gypsy...Sky is falling ! The sky is falling !

actually kr u dont get to comment on my story now do u?? oh thats right cause ur blocked by me cause u didnt understand the part where i said i dont care about mra's but u kept pushing me


oh have you seen the story he wrote about me? its all fancy too.... its got a video... he even took the time from his family, and running his business to make a story all about little ole me lol ..... i bet his wife ******* at him about being on the coumputer all the time

oh no!! not u!! anything but that!! was it bout u stealing his stories again? wait thats snowlover. was it bout u threating him? wait thats lav. was it bout u bl;ocking him? wait thats me. damn what could it be about then?

yep and snowlover13 even wrote one... kr wrote has the cher song gypsy tramps ,thieves.... its all about me they say... lol .....i gusse im suppose to be upsetlol

sanit its about the same old bull/s

lol i saw that hogwash they wrote lmao

I haven't ****** with you don't **** with me saint and you shouldn't leave comments to one you don't want on your stories.

dont doubt it

oh i shoulda known it was u how u been?

Steal some more from my stories blu with copy and paste. Some college education you got. Didn't even learn how to write.

sanit : )

snowlover it was a damn joke old timer relax

Thats cool. Just saying keep the peace.

well tech hes on my comment gypsy not urs

i see where snot rated down the stories here too lol... he such a good lil old hater


i made a reply to his comment above to me...

yea i see that lol

"i bet his wife ******* at him about being on the coumputer all the time"

I bet she's glad he's on the computer all the time because then she doesn't have to deal with him and his angry, twisted thinking. As for the lonely old guy who thinks he's such a genius . . . just ignore him. Dealing with him is a total waste of time.

yea he does think he is a genius.. its so obvious that he is not!

I know of another here on EP who actually claims to be part of Mensa but he cant spell.

ha ha that fits.

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i rated this twice.

but the little mra who went to the market said we are beyond all hope.

Ug can you say drama queen?

Seriously. I am happy with who I am. I had no idea I hated myself but thanks knightwetter for letting me know this, very informative.

Nice article btw.

knight..>all already know that feminism is a violent hate movement. That why you call yourselves feminists. You hate men. That's why you attack me.

gypsy...>Hate? no we hate the lies that some of the men here on e/p who claim to be part of the M-R-A try to make us belive!

we hate the vulgar names they call us, the accusations made,

we hate the obvious ...> they are not here for mens rights..... they are here to hate on women.

they would never say these things to women in real, why?

because it is against the law, and they know they would be took down in a heart beat, there is the lose of job, lose of monies to being sued,
I bet if you spoke to women at ur bizz the way you speak to us knight, you would lose coustomers,

we hate being called nazis, *****, ******, we hate having our lifes threatend by your so called MRA here on e/p telling us, they would love to see our heads shot off, we hate having our children threatened, implying they have our child/children in thier possession all because we disagreed them..

here is a code 1708.7. from paragraph 4 ..... we hate..>being bullied with harassment that is .... > directed at a specific person which seriously alarms, annoys, torments, or terrorizes the person, and which serves no legitimate purpose.

so odd to see lowridergirls comment to kinghtrunner/barn yard dude guy ...back when she hated him,

she now agrees with everything he says i guess his ego is flaming, now that he has a young girl kiss.... opps following him around.

I love it!! The mere mention that women want equal rights and the patriarchal numbnuts crawl out of the woodwork.