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What is our "proper roles" and who decides what those roles are? As a woman why do you think I need someone to tell me what my proper role is? This is insulting. I believe in equal rights for all people. I don't hate men. I also do not want anyone, male or female to be so presumptuous as to tell me my role in society or my worth. I am sorry you have been brainwashed period.

So you don't believe in feminism? OK, Why be insulting to women? You can't express an opinion without tact? My role in society is whatever I choose it to be.You hate radical feminism. Why lump all women into one group? Do you want to be lumped into a group? I am a woman but I am an individual. I am married as well and my husband would never want me to be complacent or a pushover. He actually like women who can think. It's a pity some men don't. Women are human beings, treat us like one.  Any man or woman for that matter who doesn't treat women as a human being with the ability of thought is truly a sad, scared individual. 

UPDATE: The truly sad thing about this is the men who are crying feminazi do not have the ability to understand why women demand equal rights. After thousands of years of being put down and held down, these stupid men still don't have the ability to look at the past history of their gender and see how women have been treated throughout history by men. Today women all over the world are treated as property and mutilated and murdered with impunity by the males in their society and these men can't and won't comment on that. How sad they have to fight their battle with such dishonesty , leaving out the basis for why women fight for our rights. When these men and their rhetorical, nonsense can answer to how we women have been treated and how we still are in many parts of the world., I cannot see how anyone would listen to them. Leaving out huge parts of the argument doesn't make a case for their side.

I treat my dogs better than many  men treat their wives!!!!  Patriarchy should be wiped off the face of the Earth. Many men would tell you slavery in this country was wrong yet they would enslave a women without hesitation. How hypocritical. 

Men, if your house is dirty, then CLEAN IT! You are able bodied. If you want dinner, cook it . Most women are tired from working 50 hour work weeks. You want kids. Take care of them. Stop whining and get off your patriarchal ***** and pitch in.  Thank God I have a man who would never act the way you do. 
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knight dont you have a job and family ??? where do find the time to read and copy /paste this stuff.. why dont you hold town meetings.start a grass roots type of thing.... instead of putting links up for us to read .... most the stuff you put on e/p is not at all what most femm believe in,or even take as factual.

if your doing it to convince us ... dont bother....we could go to the same sites and read it for our selves...

A hahaha now they are here posting to themselves. It's like the crazy homeless person on the corner screaming at everyone who walks down the street .... Too funny.

Kitten I bet you didn't realise that they 'can't be silenced' even if no one is listening anymore ....srsly though does anyone know how do we get this thread outta our feed?

They love to argue .. I wonder, do any of these guys really think they can change our minds? If you block my activity will it remove the feed?

I agree Dente. Its like all we read these days is "LOOK AT THIS . . . LOOK AT THIS . . . LOOK AT THIS" regardless of whether it has anything at all to do with the story. Just like the crazy, homeless, psychopaths screaming at everyone who walks by about something that has absolutely nothing with what is actually going on.

I'm not going to read through 179 responses, I'm just going to agree with you. Doesn't it seem obvious there are no defined roles to play? To me it does. Who does what should come as a decision which both people feel most happy about. No solid rules.

KR I DON'T have a problem with women who work hard and earn there way up the ladder. I do have one with feminnazi's demand to get the job based on because they are women and get first preferred choice because of that.

I know you weren't I was replied to the comment. Some of us that holler about feminnazi's don't mind equality. We're cool.

You can't have equality if you advocate a patriarchal society as you have. That is the opposite of equality. I don't think you really want equality at all. I really don't think you understand the horrors men have put women through over the centuries. I don't think you understand empathy. For every action there is a reaction and feminism is the reaction to thousands of years of having our rights taken away.

"Most people who are against feminism want equality. That's why we are against feminism."

LOL - Now that is what I call the epitome of a self-contradictory comment.

No its not KR, and the more you make comments like that the dumber and dumber you look. So by all means, keep it up - LOL

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I personally wont date a woman that isnt inteligent and indipendent, my history points that out. I am currently dating an attorney. True intimacy starts above the neck, a relationship with this type of woman is so much more rewarding. I also find that you treat them better and raise your own personal standards out of
Respect. Mistreating a woman belittles a man, and shows him for the fool he is

miraclerenancer you are a hero!!!

I agree with your opinion :)

Sick of all these guys talking about sex and only seeing women like the ones on magazine covers.

I had something to say. And then I read the comments. Now I am confused and my head hurts. LOL I agree with what KittenHasaWhip wrote. If you haven't walked in these shoes, then it is hard to understand. Coming into the workforce in the early 80's and dealing with the "glass ceiling", I do know from my time era in the West, that discrimination did and still does exist as far as gender roles in society, career and family life. She has a right to write and vent her frustration and that is shared by many. IMHO (in my humble opinion).


So is anybody going to address the elephant in the room or am I going to be forced to?

Okay... Dunno what elephant you're talking about...

" woman uses this line they are employing the greatest form of female entitlement. The ability to silence free speech. The ability of a woman to ***** the most basic constitutional right from a man at a whim. The person using this statement to silence anti-feminist rhetoric is a feminist. This should give you some idea as to the nature of feminist ideology as it concerns the constitutional rights of people with different ideas."

Our knight who on his blog professes these claims about free speech ....yet has almost everyone who opposes him blocked...and here he is on a feminists story derailing it with nonsense ... With drivel completely unrelated to the story.

Here he is using the 'shaming tactics' he claims feminists use ...
Seriously, when does the hypocrisy end?

How does his redundant rants and testirical tantrums do anything for anyone, especially men or boys?

My guess is the hypocrisy we see from him and other anti-feminists will never end. Its just their "nature".

And the argument continues........... Some people never get bored.... *slaps forehead*

Just so it's clear only MRAntists define patriarchy theory as " men and/or masculinity as the problem. Period." so that's not a feminist view that's a MrAntist view.

@ ray knight shares his experience of ' a false rape allegation' ( his term not mine) here

But the lulz I didn't want you to miss them. His false rape allegation story is about how he got in trouble for calling a girl a where in highschool and he got in trouble for it.


knight believes he is famous lol .. self proclaimed " IM FAMOUS" IM FAMOUS" I REALLY AM FAMOUS !!! lol

I can see it now...A Reporter walks up asks knight a question....


Knights reply...> ENTERNET! LMFO

And that is his personality in a nut shell... lol

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Question to the whole...
DO you think feminism defines men as the problem?
I don't.
I think the problem is gender roles and enforced conformity to same.
Women are just as good as enforcing those restrictive gender roles on each other...My mom once had me punished because she took me to a state park for a family reunion in a white one-piece, and told me not to get dirty.
...Me, state park, not getting dirty...WHAT???
I've had other women make fun of me because I wear sports bras that don't show off what I got, I wear no makeup-ever (allergic to most of it)...I find that I do not generally fit in with most women.
I would suspect men are very good at forcing each other into the manly role when they don't fit-I think men get punished more for stepping out of their gender roles than a female does.

*Shrug* I put it out there, looks like there ain't no takers. I'm tired of the pi$$ing matches, I'd like honest discussion.

"Shame she dont want to fix what she breaks" If she wants to get serious about mudding, she'd better learn, 'cause she's gonna break stuff out in the mud.
...And has it ever occurred to you females might have a slight advantage in working on newer vehicles? Little hands, tight clearances...
I tended to rip the legs off my barbies.

Big hair, big tires. :)

I was into toy cars and stuffed animals, as well as real ones...sadly, my mom took away my ladder after I fell out of a tree. I would have been a lot more active, but I had severe asthma as a child, and I generally played with boys, girls seemed uninterested in cool things.

In my day we just had to climb things with our teeth, and we LIKED it! *waves walker angrily*

OK I will answer you.. I think it would be hard to take away women's rights without men. They after all have the most to gain. Are men completely to blame? No, women must take some of the blame for not standing up for their rights when needed.

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The MHRM wants choice. Choice to define your role in the way you see fit.

Really ? Less than a year ago this was your claim

Let me guess the whole website is 'fake'.

" IF " my ***!

WOW - he actually wrote that he wants society to "return to patriarchy" . . . BUSTED - LOL!!!

"The feminist ideology is based on the myth of patriarchy theory which defines men as the problem."

...Disassembling this.

"Definition of FEMINISM


: the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes


: organized activity on behalf of women's rights and interests"

From the following website:

" Not all men are Patriarchs. A Patriarch is a man who has special power and influence over not just his family but also in society, due to privileges gathered through intersections of age, wealth, achievement, lineage, patronage and the exploitation of others as these attributes add to his place in the elite social hierarchy....survival is (generally) no longer dependant on formal subjugation to a Patriarch, either for men or women....

....However, despite other circles of superordination, society is still structured along patriarchal lines of subordination in nearly all forms of organisations, to the great benefit of those at the top. The male elites, the magnates (currently white, but who knows what the next century will bring?), continue to wield disproportionate influence and power over the situations of other men and especially women.... "

...So the system that disempowers most women also disempowers most men. Really, the only thing that's changed is the fact that some women are allowed to climb the hierarchy. For reference, it might help to say I'm a lapsed anarcho-syndicalist (and hi to all my fans in the NSA). I still carry the ideals of no masters and no servants, I'm just not sanguine about seeing that occur peacefully in my lifetime.

KR : "The MHRM ie based on the idea that the way our society views men and women needs to change."

...As I've mentioned before, I feel somewhat between male and female mentally, am pansexual, and the idea that I can or cannot do something because of sex seems daft...

I have said that gender roles are procrustean sorts of boxes, they chop parts of you off to make you fit.

Stoicism isn't good for anyone. Isolation is not good for anyone. But if a man talks about his feelings, about being vulnerable, he's viewed as not a real man.

He's taught to hide his feelings, he's taught that asking for help impacts his masculinity.

None of this does him any good.

...I come at gender roles from a different angle.

I think socially penalizing someone in order to induce conformity to a preconceived notion is cruel.

...What strikes me about the MRM people I've seen is the hatred towards females, and the seeming desire for a return to a female subordination that has mostly (but not completely) been eliminated. They somehow feel that women's gain is their loss.

So is equality what you want or do you want supremacy? If the former I support it.

Do you MRA's want elimination of gender roles or merely a return to the old ones?

"All women had to do was ask for it" It being the vote. No, they had to go to jail, get beat up, and agitate for it.

The MRA's as seen on EP are behaving in a very polarized way.
They want to emphasize the difference between themselves and the feminists.
They therefore need to behave as if there is no commonality between us.
They need to stereotype us, as if we were all matriarchists.
...I try not to oppress anyone. I try not to let the oppression of others go un-noted.
...I try to be a good human.

...I want to be judged on things I am in volitional control of, not on what sort of genitalia I bore into this world.
I want to be seen for who I am.
I imagine the MRA's, to a man, would agree that they too want to be seen for who they are, not what they are.

...Are we as different as our posturings would lead one to believe? I don't think so.

Notice he wanted to 'end feminism' and 'return to patriarchy'.

Yeah so where is the equality in that? The true motives of the MR man comes shining through after all.

<=== nasty girl gang leader!!!

Kitten you ARE fun!

he he You get me and the irony here. lol

And to know you is to love you!

You can't argue with these two Kitty.

I'm not. I don't argue. I just have fun..

Thats good there from the nasty girls klan that hang together. Think they know all. Hahaha :-)

who is "they?" Man you are seriously ****** up. I know you read what others write. but nothing penetrates that skull of yours does it? Generalizations make you weak and ignorant.

They aren't nasty women. I find men who call other ***** whipped nasty though.

"They are against legal paternal surrender, male birth control pill, 50/50 custody, equal treatment for male rape victims, equal punishment for female perpetrators of rape, equal treatment for male victims of domestic violence, equal treatment for women who perpetrate domestic violence. "
...I have no problem with the fact the other night I was just thinking how unfair it is that a man has no way to make sure he does not inadvertently become a daddy, except condoms and vasectomies.
...Of course, since BC made me awfully ill, I used both condoms and a spermicidal film when I was shacked up with a guy...there were no conceptions.

You have no idea what I believe. I have voiced my beliefs and you didn't hear it. I can only be responsible for what I say, not what you choose to hear or ignore. But ignoring what one says is a classic manipulation to keep the argument going isn't it? Sorry, but I don't fall for that. I said what I believed. It's up to you to get it or not.

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Your trying to be sensible! I tried that at first ...the antifems are generally impervious to sense ... Your right ... Autonomy should be a given for ALL people !

What, you mean sexual equality for women AND men? LOL How very modern!

Yes I have found common sense and sensibility seems to evade some. But what do I know? I'm just a woman . LOL!

You are honestly proposing to treat women like humans? No!!! No!!! You simply can't do that, they might actually think they are human.

I don't know... I mean that could upset the whole male patriarchy thing all over the world!! It could lead to the end of civilization as we know it. Just imagine women not wanting their uterus to be treated as a breeding apparatus. Or actually thinking we can think for ourselves. Then the next thing you know we might be actually trying to do things like become doctors, or lawyers or *gasp* congresswomen!!! Can you imagine a woman as a leader? Why the world would implode!! The next thing you know men would be enslaved, treated as household servants, have their right to vote taken away, be paid half what women are paid for the same job, Then men would start being beaten and raped and why even used a sex slaves in white female human trafficing. Being drugged and kept in cages. Why we women can ave armies and invade other nations and rape little boys and murder them. When we are bosses, we can fire any man who refuses our advances. We can even sign a law into effect that all husbands are our property to be beaten and used as we wish and deny them the right to hold office, own property and work outside the home. Equal rights? Nah, we women have thousands of years of revenge to provide. Now where shall we start, the little whiny bugger men need a good whipping. Ok that should do it. I have a price on my head now. You know how men are, they can't stand it when anyone disagrees with them. lmao!!

Your going to get to experience the internet bravery of the MRAnti's !
Hope you enjoy the sweet taste of beard tears!

LOL! Men are babies aren't they?

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It's sad that anyone has to demand, beg or petition for recognition as an equal or an individual.

It is. All human beings are equal.

I like this.

Yeah they have a tendency to cry and any little thing seems to hurt their feelings a lot.. partially why they must really hate women. I know most women have a stronger backbone then them and that is why they mad :D

Yeah low like when your friends steal stories because they can't write one

^^ exhibit A ^^

hahahaha you blocked me I guess you really are exhibit A.

As a man what makes you think I should bow before a feminnazi that demand instead of asking

No On should demand anything unless they are being denied there rights as a human being. Then demanding those rights is perfectly ok. The person or persons who denied rights to anyone based on gender deserves to be put in their place.

I haven't been denied anything.