For No Reason And Every Reason

I am sorry for walking on the street so other people have to see me.

I am sorry for standing on the queue in the grocery store and wasting others' time.

I am sorry for talking to people and wasting their time with my stupidity.

I am sorry for not listening the misfortune of other's, because I am so weak I only end up feeling bad too.

I am sorry for making a voice in my home because I disturb the neighbors.

I am sorry for only making matters worse when I try to be useful.

I am sorry for being so fickle and moody I end up disrespecting those I respect.

I am sorry for being to weak to change myself.

I am sorry for not caring because I might get hurt.

I am sorry for criticizing others just because I feel bad about myself.

I am sorry for avoiding people I care about just because I'm too tired to strike up a conversation.

I am sorry I can't do better job when cleaning.

I am sorry that I've mislead people to think I'm better than I am.

I am sorry that I can't hold on to others and always let them go.

I am sorry that I can't pick up good Christmas presents.

I am sorry for being unreliable and always getting lost.

And, I'm sorry for writing this stupid, pointless rant.

There. That quite covers it. It's pointless, it's stupid, and many other things I am as well. But I felt like I had to write, so someone can forgive me. I am asking for no one's forgiveness, because I believe those things can't be truly asked for. Just like gifts, they are only true when they are sincere. And how could anyone who doesn't know the things I have done forgive me? Still, I hope someone does. Stupid, pointless feeling that doesn't make any sense.

One more of these days and I will turn into religion.
Fearofsilence Fearofsilence
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 13, 2010

Don't be sorry...............forgive yourself